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DB Bench Press Stretch/Range of Motion


Alright guys, I've recently started doing db chest press but don't know how far to take the db's down.
I read a lot about not going as far as you can because it's bad for ligaments but then I read to go till I feel a stretch, the problem is I only feel the stretch when going right to the bottom.

Any advice on this?

I tried to find a picture but couldn't find an accurate one, but I would say I bring my elbows to around 135 degrees, 90 degrees been parallel to the floor.


That sounds excessively low to me. If I were you I would focus more on keeping the tension on your pecs instead of how much ROM you can get.


I think its down to individual mobility and how it feels; also how fast your come back from that stretch. I’ve hear that if you pause for a little at the bottom, the strain gets taken off the ligaments quite a bit.

I pretty much have the same angles you do and if anything its more comfortable that barbell benching. Bear in mind I train for PL so my bench has to touch my chest.


I may as well ask here… Is that what you guys would call excessive? When I was a noob I could barely cross parallel/90° elbows but now I do touch the chest on every rep

Not sure if THIS is related to my shoulders’ discomfort