DB Bench Press Form and Effect

Don’t really know where to put this thread.

For me there is different ways of doing DB bench.

First you can have your elbows in near your body or out and perpendicular to your torso in a view from top.

Second you can press with your hands high at the level of your chest or even your upper chest or down at the level of your sternum.

I used to press with my elbows between in and out position and with my hands fairly high.

Recently my shoulders have started hurting (inflammation) and it started affecting my strength for some months. The pain stops my muscles from performing well in this case. I just started pressing with my hands lower near my sternum and it felt great. Strength was good, up from the level of strength I was stuck in because of inflammation, which is lower than what I was doing before inflammation a couple of months ago.

How is this going to affect overall pecs development and carry over to other exercise like bench press? What about what you get in the long run with this