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Days off

I’ve been recently told that training everyday is a good idea, this seems pretty contrary to what i’ve been reading. What do you T-guys think?

If your CNS can handle it then its doable. If the persons CNS cannot handle it then its not. Its based on workd done per day. I dont think 1RMing everyday for a month straight is doable.

So basically working out every day is based on the individual and the work load to be performed every day.

My reply is fairly simple and straight forward.

You grow muscle while out of the gym, not while you are in it. So if you are always in the gym makes it a little hard to recover and grow.

But it also depends on how you work out and the individual. If you go to the gym do a set or two then leave, hitting a different part of the body every day. Fine. But I just couldnt do that.

Gibe it a go, see how it works. but I would suggest atleast 2 days off a week.


it depends
how you are training…
what you are training…
what you are training for…

fact is, your body has to recover sometime, you dont grow in the gym.

active rest days can be a crucial part of your program but rest you must.

Take a look at some of the training programs listed on this website, all take in consideration of rest days, some of the best minds in sports training and bodybuilding either have articles or post to this site (i.e. Coach Staley, Coach Davies, Waterbury and so on)If you cant find something that works for you here youre beyond help.

I feel more comfortable going three or four times a week, but my roomate keeps trying to convince me that going everyday is good, and that its good to workout as much and as often as possible. He just doesn’t belive me about the CNS thing. It’s ok, when my gains skyrocket and his don’t he will get the point.

Are you talking about lifting 7 days/week,or say lifting 3-4 days+a few days of cardio only?

It really depends on your recover ability, how efficient your CNS is and your sport; but in general my athlete’s strength train 4 days a week and do there conditioning drills 3 days a week. But there are times when I have my athletes train ever day and even 2 times per day, just for an example most of me advanced trainees utilize 12 strength training sessions a week . My point take your self to the limit of overtraining then back of, I try to have them overtrain to a 3 to 7 percent deficit. To elicit a supercompensation effect.
Hope that helps, see the sprint or squat first thread for more info.