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Days Off


Hey everyone, for a long time i have been training atleast 6 times/week and was making a lot of progress. Problem is that I have been stuck for a long time and am always tired and get sick very often.

I think the turning point is when i got a job to make extra money on Sundays. Because of this I go to school and train from Monday to Friday, Saturday i train and work, and Sunday i work all day as well. So really I have no day off every week.

Sense on Tuesdays i only have class from 9-10, do you guys think it would be a good idea to do a double training on Monday (10-11:30 then class from 12-4 and then train again from 5-7) in order to have tuesday nearly 100% off from stress?

Love to hear your opinions.



Are you taking any vitamin C? I heard it can help with getting sick, I'll be trying it out this year.

When I trained that often what I found out was that I simply ended up with an overuse injury(and got sick 5-6 times last year instead of 1-2 that is the usual) and progressed slower than I do now. However I did have more consistent technique

If I Were to train again 5-6 times per week I would squat 2-3 times per week and only snatch and c&j or power snatch/c&j. Anything more than that would interfere with recovery more than anything.

As for your dilemma, just try it out and see if it works better for you.


I'm not surprised you're always tired and your progress has stalled, given your work pattern and your training frequency. Personally I would focus on getting in quality sessions and quality recovery, rather than trying to train as often as possible. In fact, I'd cut right back to 2 sessions a week - Wednesday and Saturday. 2 heavy sessions a week is more productive than 6 mediums. Front squat to max, snatch to max, C&J to max, in that order. Try to hit at least 95% every session. Go for the 1kg PRs. Keep the volume low. Rest a good 20 mins between exercises. Be sensible about your max attempts.


Mate change your workout to fit better with your life/situation. I wouldn't personally do a double workout on a single day. that might make you feel worse, why don't you change to a 4 day split or something that will fit on better and allow more recovery?


Essentially, you have overtaxed your recovery abilities. Keep in mind that athletes who train so frequently do nothing else but train.

I would suggest checking out the training of the old-school lifters like Tommy Kono, Bob Bernardski, Schemansky and so on. You will notice they train 3-4 times a week, most of the time. That seems to be ideal for most people.


Seems I may be in the minority here, but I like the OP's suggestion as opposed to dropping down to 2 or 3 or 4 training sessions a week. Personally, I feel that so long as your recovery (and the rest of your life) is on point, 6 sessions a week should be doable. While a full schedule (full-time student plus work on top of that) can screw with that, I like the idea of pulling a double and then taking the next day completely off. Should serve you well.


I've got to go with tork and theJonty here. I'd probably do it as a snatch and CJ (or variations, whatever you choose) in the morning, with a squatting session in the evening. That's how I'd try it, at least for a few weeks, just to see how you progress.


Well my coaches programing is very much Soviet Union style, he studied under Medvedyve in the mid 80s and when on to be a top coach for the Armenian National team.

His workouts are fairly high volume, lots of doubles and triples, sometimes quads in the classic lifts, lots of box work, hang work, push pressed, pulls, jerks, power jerks etc...

most workouts are 4 exercises, sometimes 3 sometimes 5.

something like:

Snatch from box 6/2 80%
power clean 6/3 80%
Medium grip pulls 6/4 100%
Squats 6/3 80%
abs, back extension, jumps etc...

I talked to him today, and for the next 6 weeks i will drop my Thursday session, so i will be training Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, then rest on Thursday, then train on Fridays and Saturdays.

Because we are dropping a workout, the intensity, and/or volume in the remaining 5 will increase slightly.


splitting up olifting from squatting on the same day works great. i do it all the time.


Remember it's false to train like a pro if you can't rest and sleep like a pro. This is a HUGELY HUGELY IMPORTANT THING that people do not get.

Anything else and you will feel more then tired everyday. Feeling tired is just a fact of training a lot. If your not tired your not training enough (as long as your not doing stupid stuff or non related Oly stuff) and no matter how much sleep you get you will feel tired. The only times you shouldn't feel tired is when your tapering for a competition IMO.

There is a reason why full time lifters don't work or do anything else besides, eat, sleep and lift.

Let us know how you get on with your new schedule.

I'm going to up my training as well to do Friday evenings. May do Tue and doubles on Sat and Sunday as well. I need to FS more.



Strength and energy are back up, last week i took thursday off. Was able to socialize with friends (no drinking) and had some fun. Slept the best i had in a LONG time that night and friday and saturday sessions were very successful.

Im really liking this new schedule, it only one day difference, but having some fun and relaxation is great after basicly having no life besides training, school and work for a very long time.


Good to hear mate :slightly_smiling:



Did you mean take drugs like a pro?


i don't think he did. i think by rest he means your waking hours that are not spent training must be spent relaxing and possibly even napping. and by sleep he meant...well quality sleep. along the order of 8-10 hours a night i'd say. obviously this is not feasible for the average person who must work 40 hours a week. it becomes difficult to sleep 10 hours a night. stress from work makes it harder to unwind. thus training is more difficult to recover from.

do drugs play a part at the elite level? i'd say they do. but all the anabolic steroids in the world won't let you train with the intensity and frequency that you must be able to train with to compete at the top if you aren't resting and sleeping properly/adequately.


I meant to sleep 8-10hrs with a 2-3hr nap after lunch.



Sigh That was supposed to be humorous. I understand exactly what you meant, and I agree with it. Sleep is important, but I just was attempting to point out it doesn't matter how much you sleep, when the pros sleep just as much but also take oodles o' drugs. You know, funny, ha ha?

But ape, I have to disagree with you. Based on my personal experience, drugs can absolutely compensate for not geting large amounts of quality sleep. Is sleep in combination with drugs better? Yes.


Several type of AAS can also make you insomniac but the crazy thing is that at the same time, you don't feel sleepy during the day and your mental clarity is probably not affected!



But no drugs is a substitute for training heavy and often. There have been people busted for only doing 35/70 LOL...

This coach said years ago that I'd never get to 300...well I'm right around 280 at the moment and 30/60 isn't far off...granted I was about 220 when he said that :stuck_out_tongue: