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Days Off and Dieting

 I am going through a bulking phase right now and will continue till i gain about 20 more lbs.  I am currently 5'7" 175 about 12%bf.  I am eating about 3800 cals/day and 200g of Protien.  I am very consistent about this Monday through Friday.  Saturday I still eat a bunch and drink some mrp's but i am not real strict. 

Sunday on the other hand i have not been drinking the mrp’s or paying attention to my diet. This is kind of my day off from everything. Does anyone know if this is a major issue?

Obviously it would be better to diet everyday but am i seriously handicapping my self but not following the diet on Sunday?

It could likely be good for if anything a mental break. Just keep intake high for your goals


I do the same thing. On Sundays I wake up and have my protein shake, but then give in to my mom’s (yes, I still live at home) home cooking. I snack on tortilla chips and cheese dip. I eat all the goodies and don’t worry about anything.

I’m sure it has some effect on the results, but I’ve been happy with the last couple of months, so I think I’m ok. I don’t think it’s going to make or break your results to have 1 day off.