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Days Getting Out of Sync


Hi friends,

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have a question about 531 before I jump back on to the program.

My routine from week to week changes and now and again I miss a gym session here and there, but I usually pick up my gym work from where I left off. I also sometime miss a session if I feel there is a little niggling injury or if Imjust not feeling up for it, although 85% of times I am on schedule.

My question is: if for example I miss a gym session(lets say it was scheduled to be military pressing for 5 reps, is it ok that I continue on with that programming the next week, even though for all of the other lifts I am doing "3 reps schedule"??

I hope that makes sense and thanks in advanced.



That’s how I do it.


Same here I always just pick up where I left off.

Don’t worry about doing the 5+ on one lift and 3+ on the others in same week. I run 5/3/1 three days per week so I am always doing that. There is nothing special about fitting everything into one week. Use whatever training schedule works for you.