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Day Off From Supplements?

I have been wondering if it’s necesary or important to have certain days where one would not take any supplements (except a multi vitamin)? I ask this becuase I think the body might need a day to just be natural and catch up on producing it’s own.

I usually use amino acids, eurycoma, creatine, and glutamine on work out days, but there are days I’ll use extra glutamine, and I take tribulus everyday. I keep thinking. what happens if my body gets dependent on these things.

It’s great to take time off supplements, even a multi, once in a while. Use food as a supplement and focus eating better and resting. Pretend food and sleep are your supplements.

Now as far as doing it so your body can make more of it’s own??? I don’t know, but your body can’t make certain things on it’s own, including most supplements. That’s why you supplement with them, because you aren’t eating them and your body can’t make them.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about dependancy with supplements

I agree with Scrappy. These are just substances found in food only in higher doses. We don’t become addicted to steak or bananas. I usually take one day off a week from supplements. Mainly because I eat whatever I want and don’t want to waste the supps. Now if you were talking about cycling supplements, that’s another issue.

I only take supp’s on training days.

My schedule is 1 Grow! shake mid morning, 1 micellar low carb shake b4 bed, 2 Spike tablets b4 training, 2 Carbolin 19 tablets (everyday), 1 Surge after training plus 5 gms creatine.

Biotest supplements are expensive in Australia.

Anyway I don’t think you need them everyday. Food is way better.

I strongly disagree with most of the stuff posted here. As far as I am concerned, taking antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and EFA’s is essential everday, training out not.

Ok Protein powder , creatine, fat burners what have you no, but the stuff I do take is essential. No question. I strongly doubt that anyone can get the correct amounts of micronutrients from their diet, and if they can they are are a total nutritional guru with a lot of time and money and very lucky.