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Day of Reckoning Nears


This is just the beginning. If Ireland goes under, the UK is very likely next. Spain, Portugal and Italy are not too far behind.


You realise the UK didn't adopt the euro, right?


It doesn't matter. The British people are so fucking stupid and the government so treasonous they are contributing billions to the Euro bailout.


The sky is falling, quick run.

(eye roll)


Oh that's right, you think that the laws of economics and physics do not apply to America. The only reason America hasn't been hit as hard as it should have is because the dollar is the world's reserve currency. Well, all of that is changing.

Russia and China have recently decided to dump the dollar:

Obama's bid to get the world to united against China for currency manipulation at the G20 was a total failure. In fact the world is now united against America as the real currency manipulator with it's QE2.


WHAT WILL WE DO WHO WILL SAVE US? :frowning: (Runs screaming from the room).


The Irish bailout is due to Alistair Darling, who agreed to the terms of the deal after Labour were booted out. The British public and the current government had nothing to do with it. And it's not advantageous to allow Ireland to collapse, given that it shares a land border with Northern Ireland.


The American people need to save themselves. Buy local, not cheap Chinese, slave labor crap from Walmart.


Is Walmart run by the evil zionists you speak of in another thread?


I never even mentioned the word. Why do you continue to bring this up? Is this some half assed attempt to discredit a sound argument?

How can you be so dense?

This is about the very survival of democracy. I don't know if you know who Gerald Celente is but he has a famous saying: "When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it".

If you don't stop this depression, if you don't stop playing these financial con games, if don't stop printing money out of thin air backed by nothing, things are going to take a very scary turn politically. Governments are going to clamp down on people very brutally. I want to avoid this.


My wife asks me that same question.

I've heard him before. He's the nut that predicted a depression by 2010, um, not happening. Get a different guru.

Psst..there is no depression. And in fact a few months back we left the recession behind.

Well, 2010 was better than 2009. Seems to me we're coming out of this. Why don't you just pop another prozac and relax.


Is this supposed to be irrefutable proof? The gov't says we are out of a recession and you believe it? Do you have some electro-shock that you missed?


The British public keeps voting for politicians who do not put their interests first and foremost in their decision making. So it is very much their fault, because they keep rewarding bad behavior.

Yes it would be advantageous to let Ireland collapse. The Irish betrayed everyone in Europe when they held that second referendum on the EU constitution that no one wanted. Let the bitches pay the price for their treachery. It will hasten the break up of the EU.

The Euro was created for the benefit of the Germans. So let the bloody Germans bail them out. The debt ratios of the British economy are just as bad as Ireland. All the money that Britain is giving away to bail out Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain is about to be needed at home.


Ouch, you hurt my feelings.


He is right, we are in a depression, the crash is happening. It is a currency crisis. Countries around the world are engaging in economic warfare with one another. Each one trying to devalue their currency even more so they can increase their exports. As they do this their populations suffer.

Where you expecting a stock market crash? They are going to pump that worthless indicator up as long as they can. The stock market is over 11,000 but in reality it is at less than 1999 levels.

All of the indicators point to pathetic economic outlook. What rosy economic data are you looking at?


portugal and spain are next.
the UK is not in the Euro-zone so they are somewhat safe for now.


C'mon Zeb seriously? How is 2010 better than 2009? Food prices?



This one is commodities. It isn't pretty.


BTW, these people would disagree with you that it's better.

You want to refute anything or just throw out more platitudes of how the kool-aid tastes good?


There you go again hurting my feelings. And I always thought you were a nice guy.


Me? A nice guy? Laid-back maybe but I've never been called nice. :wink:

Seriously, you gonna refute anything?


You wanna know what I really think? Well, I feel that there is a day of reckoning coming, but not the kind you and your distinguished colleagues think.

That's all I'm going to say on the topic, no more questions (walks briskly to the door).