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Day Date


I'm seeing a girl on Friday for lunch and then we're gonna hang out for a couple of hours until I have to return to work again.

I've known her for a few years, but fell out of touch for a while and it's only been recently that we've started talking alot. She's my friend's ex-wife. Or, somebody that used to be my friend--it's irrelevant, I guess.

Anyway, we both like each other but due to both of us having just really fucking hectic schedules for the last few weeks, we haven't been able to get together for a real date.

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas about something fun and inexpensive we could do together for an hour or two that is kid friendly (she will have her 8 month old son with her)? I have zero experience with dating someone with a child, so any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

I live in the North Houston area, so something around the 1960 corridor or Woodlands area would be great. It will probably be too hot outdoors for our comfort, but idunno--so outdoor suggestions are welcome, too. I'm about to leave for the day but if anyone needs details just ask and I will answer in the morning.

Thanks alot for your help, guys.

--Your pal, Itchy.


put it in her pooper. the kid is too young to know what's going on. And you won't have to worry about having a kid with her


ps- don't refer to yourself as itchy in front of her, just sayin


Batting cages. Buy her kid heaps of tokens so you get some alone time. Yell out the occasional "hey, junior, knock us some zingers!" and you're golden.


8 mo old, not 8 yrs


Hire a sitter and take her to a motel?


hang out with her and the kid, it would be nice. just be yourself movies maybe thats always nice


I know. Put a helmet on him and he'll be fine.


That's kind of funny because he DOES wear a helmet. His skull isn't growing together right or some such monkey business, so he has to wear a helmet for a couple of months till the dents come out of his head. It's really cute--he looks like a little ninja turtle (cuz it's green).


My wife has a child from a previous relationship, best advice I can give you:

Don't you dare even dating this chick unless you're serious and ready to commit. Even if it doesn't work out between the two of you, it's not fair to her if you have zero intention of commitment from the get go. So ask yourself and be honest, "am I ready for a family today?" (Even though you're not going to marry her today, you get my point.)

Be yourself, and be respectful of her child. He/she will always come before you in her life, as it should be, until the child gets older. Then you start to come first as her kid "leaves the nest". (And you're going to have to be mature about the father being part of the child's life too.)

As far as dates... I have no clue. We went to fireworks, baseball games and haunted houses...

(I in no way mean to imply you're not ready for this, just wanted to remind you that dating a MILF is typically a lot different than a non-mom.)


If you were closer to downtown, I'd say the zoo or the aquarium. That's quite a drive from 1960/woodlands, but maybe I'll give you an idea for round two? Besides who doesn't still like those place?


I could take her off your hands so you can spend some quality time with the kid.

No charge for a pal.


Chucky Cheese's

...or as my fiance's younger sister used to call it when she was little..."Chunky Jesus's"



Not sure if the kid would be a burden in this case but I suggest ten-pin bowling.


How about a stroll in the park. You can push the kids stroller and earn some points. A little conversation is probably the best thing to go for, given your time frame. Swings and slides are always fun. I'm from Houston as well. Let us know what you decide.


The movies with a 8mo old kid?? Nah dude don't do it to yourself.

Picnic by a lake if there are any lakes in your area, the breeze from the lake will diffuse the heat. Plus if its secluded enough you might be able to get a HJ under the blanket.




Batting cages have gotten ridiculously expensive in the past 15 years. I remember when I was 15 you could take 10 bucks to the batting cages and swat fastballs all afternoon, get some nachos, AND hit the arcade machines up for a few games.

The last time I went to the cages was last year and 20 bucks didn't even last me an hour. It's like 10 pitches for a dollar. Total rip-off.


IMO, your options are limited with the helmet-sporting baby tagging along. Can't take him to the movies, can't take him to Chuck-Es, can't take him to Hooters, can't take him to lunch, you really can't take him anywhere. Tough call. A picnic, or BBQ out on some lake or park is a sound option.


Nah, the kid probably can't swim yet.