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Day After MAG-10 Pulse Fast


I've been searching for the answer to this but am having a hard time finding the answer. I know that you (CT) recommended working out twice the day after.

But WHAT can you work the next day. Can I do legs/abs in the morning, and then perform the next day of my split, shoulders/back, in the afternoon. Or do legs again, or?


Today I worked Chest/Arms.

Tomorrow I plan on doing the fast with a Neural Charge workout.

Day after the pulse (if advisable), Morning: Legs/Abs, Afternoon: Shoulders/Back

2nd Day after (depending on what advice I get), Chest/Arms (or Shoulders/Back if above situation is a no-go).

3rd Day after? Neural Charge, next day in my split, whatever.


Hows that pulse fast working for you?


So far so good (today is my first time). Just not sure how to handle the next couple days as far as lifting goes. Have tried searching but I can't find an answer. I know CT recommends working out twice, but I haven't found how you should handle that (multiple body parts, same body parts, whatever, etc.)


I asked CT about training while doing the pulse fast in the training lab a little while ago. If I remember correctly, he said that he likes to do a neural charge WO in the morning and a little extra stuff (20-30 min blasts workout is what I do) at night on the day of the fast. For the day after he said you don't need to train twice. Just increase the overall volume of the workout your doing, making sure you don't over do it on the eccentric portion of the lift. Just control the weight on the way down but don't purposely go slow.

I like to do a circuit of about 3-4 exercises for chest with basically no rest in between exercises and then 3-4 exercises for back and I repeat for 4-5 circuits each. I really feel like Im shuttling all the MAG-10 to the muscles Im working and the pump is insane.
Hope that helps.


This morning I did a neural charge WO. It's just after 3PM and I just finished taking a pulse and I feel AWESOME. But boy I can't wait until tomorrow. This really makes me appreciate food.

I'm just going to carry on with my leg/ab day tomorrow morning.

PS. The chest/back circuit that you mentioned; is that the short blast that you do on the night of the pulse? I might go in and just do some arm work or something. (I feel like I could ace the ACT's right now, although I'm hungry for real food, I'm awfully focused)


Yea, I do the chest/back circuit the night of the pulse. It's my second workout of the day if you count the neural charge workout I do in the morning.


I usually just follow my normal workout schedule. If I'm feeling it that day though I'll up the volume. The day after my pulse is back day and that really lends itself to lots of volume, and it's a body part I'm trying to bring up.