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Day 4 of PCT, Down 3KG Since End of Cycle

Is this typical. First cycle Test E 500mg/wk and 50mg Proviron/day …

Gained about 10-12 KG and some great strength and size gains. DIdn’t eat as much or as well as I should have. Day 4 of PCT taking 50mg of Clomid. Obviously already weaker in the gym and lethargic. Eating better now than on cycle… Dropped 3kg in a few days and it’s upsetting. Guessing that is the water retention? Just hoping this weight loss stops. Already bought new clothes for the new size I gained lol and tossed the old shit that didn’t fit anymore. Gonna rage if my new clothes are baggy and look ridiculous. Help me keep my gains!

Totally normal. Water, glycogen, and the entirety of your manhood leave your body during pct. Ok maybe not that last one. But still. It’s normal. Just keep training and eating well and you will retain a percentage of what you gained.