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Day 2, Fat Fast!!

No real question here…I just wanted to post to go on the record that the torture has begun. Letting you all in on it should make it tougher for me to break down and grab a scone or a glass of wine!

Notice, however, that I was too uncertain of the whole process to post the first day…I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the first workout!

Feeling good so far. In fact, it’s much easier than the torture I endured dropping fat for the first Body For Life contest back in 1997 (thanks for nothing, TC!). I tried go low-cal while still including about 1/3 carbs, and the hunger from that was nearly unbearable.

I’m debating a minor variance in the routine…maybe single cheat P/C meal over the weekend (along with copious amounts of ALA). No real biochemical reason; I’m just using it as a mental crutch to get me through the rough spots ahead.

Wish me well…


i’ve read about this fat fast and must salute you

glad its not pure torture, that makes it that much easier ^^

A quick update…Day 8 and counting!!

As promised, I added a moderate carb-refeed on Sunday morning, combined with about 600mg of r-ALA. It sure tasted good, but the resulting carb cravings the rest of the day sucked!

Still and all, so far this is very tolerable. I’ve taken to mixing my flax and whey into a pudding-like consistency rather than drinking it, so I can at least pretend I’m having a meal.

Things are looking better in the mirror, too, so we’re full speed ahead into Week #2. Wish me well, and have some oatmeal on me!

Bosco,are you going to post pics?..good luck!

Being an almost complete moron, I failed to do any “before pics” (I was probably too stressed out about dropping calories and red wine to think clearly!).

I’ll see how things go over the next 10-20 days. If I end up being one buff S.O.B. I’ll snap a few, for whatever it’s worth.

As an update, I just started to add potassium to my supps, and now do glutamine post-workout. It seems to have helped with the cramping.

Still dreaming of pasta and merlot, but full steam ahead…

Keep it up! I may join you!

Been there, done that! When I was on the Atkins Diet (I know, shut up!), I tried the Fat Fast for shits and giggles. I was so hard core with Marine-like dicipline that I could have followed any diet just to prove to myself that I could gut it out. Dumb move!

I was working out 4 days a week, fat fasting like a champ, and feeling weaker than Bob Hope (yes, I know he’s dead…duh). I stayed on it for a about 10 days. The only thing it did, other than body-slam me into Lipolysis and Ketosis, was to make me a weak, decaying fool. I might not have lost much LBM in that short time period, but my body did NOT like the program. My abs were still hiding behind a thin layer of fat as well. When I went back to the normal Atkins diet, I regained my strength and sanity. Maybe I put back on whatever fat I lost, but no one seemed to notice. My best guess is that because I was already hovering at 9-10% Body Fat, I was basically doing more damage then good with the Fat Fast.

My 2-cents worth.

wtf is a scone???

Yeah, what’s up with you and scones anyway?

a scone? it’s a total orgasmic pastry delight had with coffee or tea and clotted cream (depending) and has so many calories it’ll make your face blow up like john goodman on a good day.

damn those things are good…i miss them…twitch

Little Jay: Thanks for the input. Believe me, I was a bit over 8% when I started this (I’m guessing maybe 16%), so I may not have to worry much about the issues with which you dealt. I’m on Day 15 now, and the only problems I’ve really hit (after adding glutomine and potassium to my supps) is a little fading at the tail end of really tough workouts (i.e. deads). And even then, my strength hasn’t really dipped–if anything, with all this andro I’m actually seeing strength gains!!

My goal is to get down to that 8-10% range, at which point I’ll transition back to a T-Dawg type diet (and vow never, ever again to get this out of shape). That’s how I normally eat anyway, and even going back to maintenance-range calories will seem like luxury.

So far all’s well according to the mirror, so I’m hoping to maybe stretch this to 30 or say days. Fingers crossed!!

p.s. You guys have never had a scone!!! Poor bastards!! I never understood why condemned prisoners never asked for them as their last meal, because it doesn’t get any better than that…


Best of luck with the Fat Fast…

Question: What’s your goal/motivation with this plan? Just to get back into a target BF range and then try to stay there? Just curious!

I wanted to see if I would get ultra-ripped quickly, but when it became obvious that it wasn’t going to happen, I gave up on it. I would characterize it as an extremely boring diet, rather than torturous. The food options are quite limited in number and portion size. Me likey the concept of Massive Eating much better.

BTW: I’ve had scones before…but my ex-girlfriend from Soth Africa made them herself, and forgot I was lactose intolerant…needless to say, my memory of this British delicacy ain’t too good!

I’m by no means prepping for a contest. I’ve always been more interested in strength and physical performance (I’ve been practicing combat martial arts for decades). In fact, I’ve never really even stressed too much about body fat percentages, other than checking out that I still looked athletic and lean.

But I noticed, especially over the last year, how I’d lost that positive body image. It was kind of insidious…I wore bulkier clothes, stayed completely covered in the gym, found reasons not to go to the beach, etc. Weird, really, as if I knew how out of shape I’d become but didn’t want to consciously admit it.

I finally forced myself to reassess, and did a total (and depressing) mirror analysis. Yup, time for changes. Which lead to the Fat Fast (and another reason why I chose such a dramatic diet…part of it was the whole pschological thing. You know, a harsh penance to break from past sins.)

So (to make a long story longer) my goal is just to get back to that tight, athletic look again. I don’t imagine I’ll be slipping on posing trunks and oiling up anytime soon, but I’d like to once again be comfortable with my shirt off.