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Day 0 of TRT Diary

Uk, 39 year old male 90kg with mild depression, anxiety, mood swings, low sex drive, high stress levels and low fatigue.
I do no physical exercise exept for work.
I don’t smoke but drink 2 units a day.
I eat a normal varied diet but with little fruit.
I have used variety of steroids and pct over the years but have been off cycle for 4 years.
My doctors are a complete waste of time and are reluctant to even consider low Testosterone.
I have had 2 bloods done over last 6 months and according to the doctor they are middle of the road.

After months of research I have decided to deal with TRT myself from UG sources.
Tomorrow I start with 1 injection of 200mg of test cyp every 6 days.
This will be my account of how it unfolds over the next 12 months.
Any questions or advice will be welcomed.

You need bloods. You dont just start doing this with no idea where you stand. No one is going to be able to give you real advice with no labs. You will need a second set at the 6-8 week mark to make smart decisions

Carlisle lad. What a place

British doctors for you… Can it not be done just by how I feel? … At a dose of under 900mg per month is 100mg either way going to affect my quality of life? … If this does work at all for me.

Yea but you have to monitor everything unless you want to end up growing tits or just spinning your wheels not knowing why trt isnt benefiting you.

Just go to a Dr and tell them what you are doing and that you are not going to stop and as a Dr its their job to minimize harm and monitor you so you dont end up doing damage. You could also order discount private labs from somewhere

100mg a week could be not enough or too much. E could be a problem with only dosing once a week or it could be perfect. You need check many variables besides T. First thing is to get the labs you already had done. Tell the Dr you want copies if those labs immediately.

This is what I call no plan at all, you need labs to be able to choose a good protocol, pre-TRT estrogen and SHBG levels are very important, otherwise you are starting blindfolded who knows what how you will respond.

UK doctors are a waste of time, sex hormones is missing in medical school and sex hormones are mentioned briefly. Sex hormone therapies aren’t popular in the medical community and are avoided by many doctors. One reason is they are falsely taught that TRT causes prostate cancer even though studies are proving these beliefs false, but doctors are unable to remove the negative falsehoods and would rather not get involved with TRT.

If you chose to start without lab testing, your best bet is to inject 50-60mg twice weekly rather than induce a hormonal roller coaster on a hormone that will see a large reduction in only 4-5 days leaving you lower than the first 3 days of an injection. If SHBG is on the lower end more frequent injections may be necessary to eliminate estrogen sides.

If thyroid problems exist, TRT will not do much for you. The UK medical system is notorious for testing only TSH and not actual thyroid hormones Free T3, Reverse T3.

I have hcg and nolvadex on standby.
Touch wood I never had any gyno problems even during heavyer long cycles.
My testes are very sensative to test though and shut down and shrink almost instantly on a course, as I have 4 children now I’m happy to leave them and not to keep them tucking over on hcg…
I have booked an appointment for end of this month to collect my results.
Thanks lads all advice is welcome.

From what I can remember I always thought Test Cyp half life IM was 7 days?
I don’t really want to be pinning double the times for rest of my days.
I’m also a bit old school that subQ with oil based test would half the potency of the product?

Yes, pretty much. Most guys on TRT use a once a week injection schedule.

It’s thought subQ does not absorb as well, but lab results will prove that one way or the other. Some use small, multiple sq dosing. Most do IM.


I do 40mg EOD subq. No peaks and valleys just steady goodness. Only high e symptom i had was sensitive and sometimes painfully hard nipples that went away after a couple months with no AI.

Looks like I mite be subQ… Grizzly meat quads n 500 injections per decade sound lovely :astonished:.
T cyp 125mg every 3 days subQ.

I don’t know if it’s psychological but my anxiety knot is nearly gone after only 4 days?

Dude why do you inject so much T? This is not a steroid cycle, roughly 100mg is the starndart dose per week, better to start splitting it on two injections 50mg

And you need blood results, to follow them and your symptoms

There are guys on 300 mg a week for TRT. Depends on the individual. Blood work at 6 weeks will say where he’s at. 100/week would just make me worse.

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Day5 woke up a touch of gyno. Puffy nipples. Didn’t feel as good today either.
Up till today I had felt great and my anxiety levels were low or non…
Day 6. Gyno gone and feel in a better mood. Today I’ll take another 200mg.
Maybe 800-1000 per month range is too high to be classed as TRT.
But I’ve started now and I’ll run this at least 10 weeks and then beg doctor for more blood work.

Lol. Gyno disappears, so jack yourself up the next day. Good plan.

Add an AI or split up your injections.

5 weeks in and my anxiety is still much better…
Quality of life is better…
Sex drive hasn’t changed much which I’m disappointed in…
Puffy nipples seem to appear day after injection and disappear the day after…
My serum Test level a month before I started was 11.1 nmolL.

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