Davod Boston;s Progress

At Ariziona, Boston stood out as one of the best in the NFL but this year I really did not hear much from him at the Chargers. What happened and did all that extra muscle hamper him instead?

two words…IV drip.

surely you don’t mean football players take steeroyds…do you???

I don’t know if he looked as jacked last year as he did the past couple. Whatever the case, he didn’t play well. He didn’t seem to be motivated and focused and just didn’t look like the star he became in Arizona.

He had some lower leg injuries early in the season and then Marty suspended for missing meetings and being late. He had a couple of good games over 100 yards receiving an couple of TD’s. San Diego has the 1st pick this year so we will see if they draft Eli Manning to be their QB and give up on Brees.

He just didn’t make plays like a lot of the other receivers in the league this year.

By looks alone, his upper body was much, much bigger than his lower.

Navin- It did look like that, but he was working with Poliquin, so I don’t know.

I know this may sound stupid, but what is an IV Drip?

I think His athletic ability was improved, the plain and simple fact was that he dropped a ton of balls. He was open enough and was ok after the catch, he just didn’t have the mental focus that he used to.

After each practice he had a magnesium IV drip for recovery purposes. Yeah his upper body was tremendous.

I ain’t knocking CP or anything - damn I really love the results he gets - but is DB’s training BBing or Sport specific Training?
His biceps are unreal - and sure that can be a help when lifting the paycheck - but not much else.
Also - rubbing oil on your arms to make them glisten will no doubt grab plenty of attention - but it sure makes holding a pigskin harder.
Some Trainers know that the ‘fastest’ way to impress an athlete (who can afford to pay vast sums to these trainers) is to make them look good in the mirror (above looking good on the score board) and be retained for more money $$$. Egos are easily inflated.
Is this what is happening with DB?
Ego out of whack?

uh…Drew Brees blows…get it??

according to poliquin david’s phenomenal gains can be attributed to his pwo iv drip.

Thats’ some magic magnesium in that IV …

No23- I was wondering the same thing.

What the hell is so magical about an magnezium IV when you can’t perform on the field???

Dude had too much mass, way too much, he looked like a freaking tight end for Christ Sake. The extra bulk he brought to camp only proved him to be more injury prone, and it was little things at first like a toe, or a knee. I got ill listening to the daily camp reports on what DB did to himself today.

When he wasn’t suspended or injured his performances were lackluster. Did his improved body keep him upright and moving when he was hit in the secondary? Did his supplements allow him to make a fucking block weakside when the ball didn’t go his way? Did his premadonna ass show any form of dedication and or focus?

No, dammit, it didn’t.

The WORST investment SD could have ever made, even if he does look like an animal from another planet.


I had Boston on my fantasy team and was very familiar with his box score, but let me also say I didn’t actually get to see him play too often.

From what I could tell, he lacked consistency. He had a couple huge games, and a couple games where he didn’t really show up (literally and figuratively).

One thing I did notice was that his production was higher when Flutie was his QB. It didn’t seem like (from a fantasy perspective) that Brees and Boston clicked.

He finished the year with above average stats but probably left most Charger fans questioning if he was worth the $40 million salary.

Now … on the other hand … if DB spent as much time building massive hams, Hip flexors and glutes - I be more impressed …

I’d love to see them shoving and IV drip then!!