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Davies, renegade ?

If i lift and run 4x weekly for football do i do wheelbarrow walks for GPP everyday i train? Wont this mess up my next day lifts? Any suggestions for weight to use? Im a senior in HS.

One key element to your training is that the program is properly periodized. Training mediums such as wheelbarrow walks are performed as weighted GPP to not only enhance work threshold but to enhance recovery and regeneration. I would to pleased to discuss with you more if you wish. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach I guess my question is what is better for endurance and recovery, non weighted GPP (burpees etc…) or wheelbarrow walks or both? I train westside style, with squat on mon and thurs and bench on tues and fri. I have been incorperating a lot of cone work and fartliek work, and have gotten faster already, about 2/10 off my forty. Im trying to increase my conditioning as I also play rugby and the 80 mins kills me. After 4 months finally am getting reps(1-2 per set) in the glute ham raise of the floor, this is one tough mother. I havent done much jump ropeing, where should i put it?
Usually I lift around 12 with teammates and run alone later in the afternoon. Should it be done in the same wo as lifting or as running? Same with the GPP? Thanks for any help you can give. d-rod


Hey, I was wondering where the post had disappeared to. Let me get to your questions - with GPP you are trying to enhance recovery, increase work threshold, improve motor skills as well as providing a nice change to your training. I also tend to like to bridge GPP with SPP (Specialized) such that it relates to the athletes sport, which in your case is Rugby. I would suggest you do both weighted and non-weighted GPP. With your question on when to run - that is depends upon your schedule and by all means go ahead if possible. I would suggest you start rope work asap as part of your “warmup” phase. Beyond all of that you need to be extremely concerned with the overall periodization plan of your program. I hope that helps. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach thank you for all your help. I have one further question, you talked about bridging GPP with SPP, can you give me an example to explain this further, thanks again for all your help, and keep those great articles coming, D-Rod


Hmm, well thats basically a long chapter in a book to explain completely. But in basic (if thats possible), within your periodized training program GPP (and other elements) will evolve from less “general” to more “specific” to the demands of your sport and position. Does that help - let me know and I will try to explain better? In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks for ansering all my questions coach. Does this sound like what you mean? GPP might start with wheel barrow walks and bodyweight exercses, but would evolve towards weighted rugby movements like rucking or srumming, maybie with a vest or a light sled attached? Thanks again, D-Rod
When will your football book be out?

Yes, there is an evolution of GPP to SPP that basically graduates the athletes to field performance in a seamless fashion. Now this doesnt merely involve GPP as it is in fact of the entire periodized plan. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

whoops-forgot to mention that the book will be out very soon. I suspect it will be ready this time next week. The designers had some problems with the layout because the large volume of photos (300 approx). Thanks for asking. In faith, Coach Davies