Davies/Hale camp

Coach John Davies/Coach Jamie Hale Strength and Conditioning camp Emphasizing MMA

Date:August the 24th

location:Winchester ky Total Body Fitness

Camp consists of three sessions
1)olympic lifts/strongman movements/Gpp
2)Agility/quickness/energy system/review
3)Kettlebell training

Call for more info: 859-737-2753

email for info:jhale@halesoptimumphysique.com

All athletes and coaches recommended to attend

Register Now limited space!

Effective movements

The following movement is an example of one of the many effective movements that will be presented at the camp. Overhead db walks(snatch grip) Walk with dbs held overhead in snatch position. Begin with very light weight and keep elbows locked.

The camp will be packed full of effective training means. We look forward to seeing you.

Coach Hale

Hey Coach, you drink coffee?