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David's Transformation, Step 1

Oregand, it’s your turn.

Here is all the info I’d like David:

  1. Morning weight (after you pee). Same day each week.

  2. Height

  3. 2 pics: front double bi and back double bi taken first thing in the morning, white background, natural lighting. Same place every week.

  4. Current goal

  5. Current weekly training split AND cardio

  6. Days you can train and how many days/week you’re willing to train

  7. Current weekly macros. Include EVERYTHING (i.e. if there’s cheats, refeeds, etc.) Also, how many meals/day is your preference?

  8. Supplements

  9. Anything you want to add

Alrighty then…

offer rescinded.

Any other takers?

Sure, I’ll bite
But is this just for bodybuilding? or can the “clients” have other performance related goals?

Actually I really would love the help with my irregular eating pattern. Are you up for a challenge?

Well if u want to take your chances with new member in the forum who has been stalking for years i am up!

I will and can provide photos which prove i am who i am in etc. and i am not type of person who pussies out.

Just additional info even before you decide to take me or not:

I have been training “on-off” last 4 years, which means i trained between 3-5 days a week most of the time, but there were months due to certain circumstances i wasnt able to train that much…

My training got “messed up” first time in my life due to the army, after i “got out” of the military i injured my right shoulder while working and was unable to train upper body for 4 months. Year later i managed to burn my lungs in accident, went through near to death experience and had awful year in general being studied and controlled by doc’s weekly.

Now i am in state where i can do anything i want according to my doctors, excluding few things which do not have anything to do with weightlifting.

Oh and major lifts before i burned my lungs in accident:

Deadlift 2x190kg/420lbs
Box Squat 1x200kg/440lbs, without box 4x160kg/350lbs
Due to my shoulder i am unable or unwilling depending on your PoV to do BB bench, but my PR on HS Bench is 6x140kg/310lbs.

All of these were done little more than year ago, weighting around 85kg/187lbs with approx 14% bodyfat.

So i have little background, but i have been out of “business” for long time, up for challenge?

I’m down. My current goal is to gain 10-15 lbs more lean muscle mass. My current stats Is as follows:

15-18% BF (Estimate)

I’m down to train 5-6 days a week and I have 100-150 budget for supplements. I am about 15lb’s heavier than in the pictures in my hub.(and a little leaner)

Current Maxs
Bench -265
Squat -315 x3
Deadlift -315x5

I’d love to do one of these