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David Paul (of Barbarian Brothers Fame) Has Passed Away

From Facebook

"A grand salute of Respect & Honour to David Paul who peacefully entered into eternity on friday, March 6, 2020. He was just two days away from celebrating his birthday on March 8th. He would have turned 63 along with his twin brother Peter Paul.

David Paul is best known for his role in the 1987 film -The Barbarians. He starred alongside his twin brother Peter Paul and the two of them became forever known as The Barbarian Brothers.

The Barbarian brothers were beloved in the bodybuilding world for their larger than life personalities, incredible physiques, strength and their egoless & friendly down to earth attitudes.
They truly were the legends of the iron game of the golden era of the 80s.

As John DeFendis & Samir Bannout , another legends of the 80s golden era iron game rightly captures it in their recent FB tribute to David below.

Tribute by John DeFendis :
R.I.P. David Paul: :heart::pray:t3:
When I trained at Golds Gym in Venice in the 80’s I was fortunate enough to train a few times with David.
He was a talented man with a good heart and it was only three weeks ago that we talked about those days and our careers.
His death deeply saddens me and I wanted to post this in memory of him.
My condolences, love and prayers going out to his brother Peter, Family, Fans and Friends.

Tribute by Samir Bannout:
I am saddened by the passing of one of my dear friends n training partners David Paul…Dave n I met at Gold’s gym Santa Monica in 1979, we quickly became close friends…We trained together for several contests prep, he was very positive & extremely strong.
Once, we decided to train at 2 AM for one of my contest preps…I got the keys for the Marina Athletics Club just for us…and when everyone was asleep n snoring, David n I were in a war with the weights… he pushed me way beyond the limit…we made this decision to train in late hours because I wanted to be extremely focused, I didn’t want any outside interference …David was always there for me n our workouts weren’t your usual workout you normally see @ gyms …our workouts were very tough, you can say they were complete insanity n torture… the last time I spoke with David was one week ago, he was in good health, we always discussed the most advanced holistic way of living healthy…he really was in fantastic health… I was shocked when I found out about his passing yesterday, I first thought it was just a silly rumor but later it was confirmed…I will miss him and his influence greatly…My condolences to his family and friends… May his soul Rest In Peace :bouquet:

May the inspiration of David and the Barbarian brothers continue to inspire all in the iron game for ever.

Movie Info on the Barbarian Brothers.
The other movies the duo are best known for are Double Trouble, and Twin Sitters.
Apart from being talented actors and bodybuilderd there are also singers/poets. They have worked with famous directors such as Oliver Stone and Joel Schumaker as well as screen legends; Woody Harrelson, Adam Baldwin, Joey Travolta (Johns famous brother), Tia Carerre, Mat Dillon, Gary Busey, Bull (from Night Court) and the one and only Mr. T(imagine how much muscle was on the screen!). The barbarian brothers have a chemistry that few other comedy duos have even came close to matching."


That’s a bummer. The Barbarian Brothers were classic '80s muscle dudes. I remember them particularly from DC Cab. Not gonna lie though, I never knew which guy was which.

David Paul ended up getting into photography and took some pretty classic photos.
David Paul Lee Priest



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Damn… one of my idols

We loved that movie and still make roar to this day

I saw Dave Palumbo do a tribute to David Paul. David was a big, strong dude, but also a very funny guy with a great sense of humour. RIP

Both of them were just a couple of tanks, and at a time when I knew very little about bodybuilding let alone individual bodybuilders I can recall seeing them on various television programs during my childhood. When I lived in California in the mid 90s, are used to see David Paul at the LA zoo quite a bit. He always dressed in his own unique way, certainly a character.