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David Morgan Doing Crossfit


I thought this was pretty interesting. An accomplished Olympic lifter doing the King Kong Crossfit.. I'm impressed on how he just did 500lbs like it was nothing

If this has been posted, sorry. I just found this interesting


the 500 lbs dead lifts are clearly unfunctional because hes doing them in a cross fit routine


Lol, as that is funny I'm not trying to prove that Crossfit is better blah blah blah. I just thought it was interesting to see this man doing a Crossfit type workout (and I might add some pretty good numbers)

Hell that guy is in and out of the Gym in under 3 mins


I lost respect for him, because he cut off his porn-stache.


I found all the Youtube comments criticizing his form on the deadlift and clean completely hilarious.


I know he was an olympic lifter, but the way handles 275 in the clean blows me away. Looked like an empty bar for him. The double over hand 5-hundo dead was pretty bananas too.


Just for some background, Dave snatched 165 and clean and jerked 200 at just under 81kg BW to take 4th at the Seoul Olympics. He also finished 4th in Los Angeles doing 145/185 as a 75kg lifter.


Good to see Morgan still at it.

That was a cool video. He made it look so easy.

I especially liked the "whoosh" sound on the cleans, as if from a 1970s Kung Fu movie.


Good weightlifters always have that really crisp extenstion phase. Awesome to watch.

The muscle ups tho... I'd have liked to see him go from full extension to lockout but whatever, the rest of it was sick.


Those squat cleans were fucking sick. Like it literally weighed nothing.
However, that was not a muscle up and those were the worst fucking handstand pushups i've ever seen.
Cool vid though.


That really was a superb all round display by a guy in his 40's no less in my opinion there really is no reason to critique any part of it, just a top job keep doing what your doing mate its obviously working for you and he also looked pretty damn lean as well no middle aged spread there. Top clip thanks for posting it motivated me to go kick my lazy 26 year old ass into gear! :slightly_smiling: