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David: Is This a Good Physique?


Is this a good physique?






Fast forward 500 years


The guy had a hell of a physique from a purely aesthetic standpoint. He wanted to look good naked and be pleasing to the eye; I'd say he accomplished his goal. OBVIOUSLY he does not compare to a competitive bodybuilder. Apples and oranges. If he had added 15 more lbs of lean muscle, IMO he would have made a hell of a physique competitor. Dude had some awesome lines and some good muscle bellies.

Lol @ whoever said "he looks good compared to the average joe". HE LOOKS 10X BETTER THAN 90% of the POSTERS IN THIS THREAD. Special shout out to all the people without pics -- STFU.

If I could have his aesthetics, I would take them in a heartbeat, and then work for the next 10 years to slap on another quality 40lbs of lean mass.

His nuthuggers get equally annoying, I agree, but I think they are kind of funny because they?re so childish and can?t really be taken seriously.

In closing, dude looks sick, obvi not a bb'er, it's not easy being lean 24/7 if you don?t have the genetics for it.

K I'm done, hope that post makes sense.


well we certainly learned who you have a little frustation about on this site....


Well in Ancient Greece men where the ones judging male beauty and they considered smaller than average to be beautiful and that big penises were gross.

I know this statue is from the 1500s but maybe that male beauty ideal applied then too. ???


Sorry, but just to be clear, you know that this was never a representation of a real person...this is the David from the Bible that fought Goliath.


I believe the penis is the size of a standard man (so it is the 'right size' if the statue were human sized) but the statue is actually 17 feet tall.


What are you talking about? The statue?


The David has an ideal build for a young man. A physically mature man would be larger, thicker.


Kid needs a Haircut


I don't know what to say....


The statue is supposed to represent him right before the fight with Goliath. His fight/flight has kicked in, drawing his genitals closer to his body. His pupils are larger, and some other things I don't remember.

His physique represents the 'Golden Ratio' almost perfectly. I agree that I'd rather be bigger, but the statue is almost perfectly proportional.

Thank you, NPR!


It's from a Zyzz thread.





< - - - - - obvi in the approved 10%.


Looks like crap, although MANY women consider David the classic male ideal (and who can blame them when looking at the average flabby American male of today).

Michelangelo intentionally enlarged the hands to emphasize that David's power was in his hands.


David wasn't a real person?


Good physique? Look at that tiny penis... Talk to me in .5 inches.