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David Icke & The Real Matrix


Ever since I moved up to Vallejo for college, my friends from So Cal have become these damn ravers/hippies. I can't stand it, to be honest. A couple of my friends in particular have become cult-like in their following of David Icke's ideas about the universe and reality. Here's a link to one of his articles:


No matter what I do, I can't think of any way to prove to them that it's all nonsense. Any attempts simply lead to them giving each other a "knowing" look, and just treating me as someone to be pitied for not embracing the "truth."

So I'm posting this to see what you guys make of this spiritual theory.

Since the article is really long, I'll try to synopsize its main points:

-We are all a single conciousness experiencing itself subjectively, giving the impression of individuality.

-Through the existence of FEAR, the single conciousness that used to simply exist as itself created a "prison (the Matrix)" that is the reality we all see before us.

-Matter is merely energy condensed to a vibration. All vibrating things are a part of the Matrix we have created out of fear.

-In order to escape this prison and return to the state of "Infinite Oneness," we must all choose love over fear.

-Infinite Love is the only truth. Absolutely everything else is just illusion.

Those are the main ideas made by the article. I do agree with some aspects of what this guy's saying, such as love being all there really is, and that we are all really one entity. But I believe these things in a different way than explained here. The only real problem I have with this view on things is that it will inevitably lead to nihilism, because if our entire reality is really an illusion, who cares what we do, right or wrong? Right and wrong don't exist according to David Icke. And since we are all really one, who cares if we kill another human being? He's not really dead, after all. Death doesn't exist; death is an illusion created by fear. Do you guys get my point?

I'm all about purpose and meaning in life. I think every individual should appoint themselves some primary reason for living, and act out their lives toward that end.

I personally believe that God has charged me with my purpose. I believe he has told me to fight for good, to make the world better before I die. You guys can ridicule me for that if you want, but I'm dead serious. I truly feel God has spoken to me. This is another reason I can't really believe David Icke's "truth."

So what does T-Nation have to say about this? I'm interested in hearing your opinions.


This is why one should not do psychotropics. It fucks your head up.


Personally I'm an agnostic so I can't speak to God wanting my help in shooting that guy down.

Do I think he's full of shit? Yes.

Do I have any idea what's out there? No

Am I pretty sure that my consciousness is not part of the worst case of global Schizophrenia ever? pretty sure yes.

My GF believes really strongly in the idea of past lives and that stuff so that might be more akin to believing in a global mind.

But I'm gonna have to say that that Icke guy is a cult wacko and the Kool-Aid is likely beikng stirred as we speak.


Damn hippies...you should check out Joe Rogan's website, he's linked an interview where he talked about being high on DMT, sounds like some pretty trippy shit, but pulling your life philosophy out've some experience where you went and got high in the jungle is a bit beyond my reasoning...to each their own, but anybody can come up with a theory and then rationalize things that don't agree in order to make it fit if they're willing to overlook certain aspects and emphasize others.


The single consciousness and perception of reality stuff is really not that far removed from some Buddhist teachings...
Why can't they be more original.. like breatharians?


Its a nice theory.
But that man is a loon. Remember he based his whole reptilian theory on one woman's dream.
Now he decides to take the most powerful hallucinogen know to man. I can honestly say he didnt need it, he's already as crazy as a shithouse rat.


Just laugh at them whenever they say something rediculous.


you think up all types of crazy things when your high one time i did the same thing and thought up some bs here it is about deja vu.

since everyone knows that psycic mindreaders and fortune tellers are all bullshit, and it is impossible to see in the future, we as humans can only remember the past right, so with that said how can you say the life your living right now (you reading this post) isnt a dream. and when you have that "deja vu" moment you are dreaming about something that happened to you in your real life.

like i said drugs can make you think up all kinds of stuff, i could probably right up a book and start my own cult on my crazy high antics.


As in spelling ridiculous with an E?


David Icke used to read the sports news on BBC in the UK

He famously "came out" as son of the godhead [or had a breakdown] on the wogan show in the 80s

it's all laughable to me

better go wear some turquoise, that will save the world


Is this the same David Icke who went mad on English TV years back?

He believed that some conspiracy of Jewish/Illuminati/Lizard-men-from-space were ruling the world, or some such thing.

My first encounter with a David Icke "fan" was when I had my first job in a warehouse when I was 16. Some guy I worked with, ex-military guy; was a BIG follower of his and was explaining how government was all a big conspiracy. As a young man I had no idea what the hell he was on about, or who the hell David Icke was.

He explained how crime could be eradicated, what with all the monitoring of communications these days, but crime was allowed to flourish so that the police could keep the populace in check.

I've always thought that people liked conspiracies (such as Icke's) as they proved that their own failings in life were due to some evil power. Rather than them just not trying hard enough.


This statement isn't true, from MY perspective so in fact it is a false statement, since I am someone. That being said, Ikie is interesting to read, but most of the crap he talks about is most likley fantasy. Of course none of it can be proven or disproven until the reptillians invade earth, but thats just a minor detail.

There is a little truth to just about everything, but the cult like following some of these people have just shows how clueless a large part of our human race is. This of course also applies to anyone who "follows" any organized religion.



Yeah, but it sure was FUN at the time :wink:


At some point, some of them will open their eyes and decide on their own reality, making it happen. The others will live their lives with reality happening to them. Thus the strong and weak are differentiated. Keep the strong friends, dump the weak.


he's like Paul Check in a wig and a turquoise shell suit


david icke was a division 1 goal keeper.


You forgot to laugh.


Glad you enjoyed it. My experiences were nothing short of nightmarish. Fuck LSD!!!!!! Because if you're not sure you're crazy, take a hit or two and you will find out for sure. People, stay away. Stay far away.


The problem with these followers is that some of them are incredibly intelligent, and they're good at out-arguing you and making my logic seem fallible and their's infallible.

For example:
"I heard many times in my altered, but self aware state: "Love does not abandon." There were no chosen ones whom 'God' had selected. There was no 'God' as humans perceived it, only the infinity or 'Oneness' of existence.

"All would be gathered in", the voice said, "and no sheep would be left in the field alone." The Infinite was the balance of all things, while the Matrix was calculated and manipulated imbalance, in which Oneness had been divided into polarities and dualities of 'light' and 'dark', 'good' and 'bad', male and female and all the rest.

These polarised states of duality not only offered the massive potential for fear and conflict, they also ensured that such imbalance and division would disconnect mind from a sense of balance and Oneness the Infinite. Without such division and polarised reality there could be no Matrix."

I mean, what can I say against this? "That's stupid!"? When he says it it sounds undeniable, and I sound like a fool trying to disprove it.

Here's one of many of my friends myspace blogs about this subject:

"Education = mind control
Body: Hello there. Many of you reading this are going to a university and believe they are getting an education.

Let me offer you a definition of the word education as expressed in schools and universities across the world: To teach, instruct, and imbue with a doctrine, idea or opinion.

The Oxford English Dictionary would not agree because that is the definition it gives to the word indoctrinate. But, to me, that is a perfect description of humanitys version of education. The children are not educated. They are indoctrinated imbued with a doctrine, idea or opinion.

This is essential to the process of conditioning that we are subjected to throughout our lives. Education for the young is a wonderful concept if education is what it really is. But the system largely controls what children are taught, how they are taught, and what it wishes them to believe.

What a better way to condition your population than to have control of what young people are taught through their formative years? And from what we have seen of the system in all its glory, do you think this control is going to be used for the good of the children OR for the good of the system?

Education is there to turn out children no more than system robots.

It fills young and potentially creative minds with streams of boring, irrelevant and often inaccurate information; with complex mathematical equations most people will never use; and with a view of history that puts the State in the best possible light. I used to live in Texas and Ill never forget the way class was taught.

First, a long time was spent making the class feel good about being Texan. We were not only the best people in America, no, but we were the best in the world see. Once that was established, the genocide of the Indians by the white settlers was glossed over and rushed through in a ridiculously short time.

You would have thought that only in the 20th century did American history really start. What you call education is part of the Ilumanati war on the young.

It breaks my heart going to SMC to see all these teenagers who do not have a thought in their head that someone else has not put there. They stand before everyone only 17 or 18 years on the planet and are already mindlessly parroting the systems propaganda. Another robot reporting for duty.

One student told me that if you do not eat meat you will die!! Ha, ppleaseeee. What about the countless vegetarians across this planet?? You can understand how indoctrination can take hold so quickly. The further you progress within the education system the more opportunity there is to control your thinking.

Some of the most enlightened people left school as early as they could and has not been to a university. Enlightenment comes by expanding your consciousness and accessing higher levels of knowledge. Most conventional education closes minds and focuses them on this physical world alone.

The campaigner, Michael Roll, makes this point in his booklet: The Suppression of Knowledge. He was referring here to those in high places within in the system, but the principles apply to everyone and everything, be it religion, science, or economics:

If a baby from birth is told by loving parents that 2 + 2= 3; and later at Sunday school, kindergarten, preparatory school, public school, and university this young mind is again told by apparently clever and often highly respected teachers that 2 +2 = 3; and if this same teaching comes through the mass media, backed by the weight of law, is it any wonder that many people, often in very responsible positions, seriously believe that 2+2= 3?

The education system is geared to the setting and passing of examinations. This immediately creates successes those with the ability to absorb and remember mostly irrelevant and inaccurate informationand failures those who do not have the ability or are too bored to use it--.

The successes go on to university to absorb yet more irrelevant and inaccurate information and the failures go off to look for jobs that are more likely to be given to successes. What a way to start your life, be you a success or failure. Ay?

I was a failure under that definition. I was bored the fuck out at school. I could not see how most of the tidal wave of information I was being forced to listen to day after day could have any relevance to my future life. I knew most of what I was being told what complete crap anyway.

Conditioned teachers would always say James, your not doing so well, you used to be an A student, Im worried about you rarely did they ever consult for my view or asked me to express creativity. For I am worried about them.

For all of those who sit there in class and draw things, and just scribble things and dont pay attention, its not because you have A-d-d, its because subconsceincly you understand that what you are being taught may not be correct and who says so anyway, that it is irrelevant and will have no matter in your life. Having a-d-d or paying attention problems is only the conscience way of looking at it.

So for all of those A students who think that we are all stupid --- Looks who laughing now.
Cant you see why the system loves examinations? They are an excellent way of making children and young people absorb the systems view. There is little margin for personal opinion.

If you are going to pass you must tell the status quo what it wants to hear. This makes you smart? Who sets the questions in exams? The status quo. Who decides what the answers must be if you are going to pass? The status quo. Whatever is the conventional wisdom of the day provides the criteria under which you pass or fail.

A few centuries ago you would have failed you exam if you had said the Earth was round! Itsall mind control a form of hypnotism at a much wider level.

Come one people! The majority of you will agree with me, however will continue to feelt his way yet do nothing about it. If more people get informed and there is a MASS protest we can work together to change the system, that is only the start.

Once we change our attitudes and the way we feel we will transform this earth. There is an awakening happening..."


Damn, that deserves to be put into bold. Good post.