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David Haye vs Valuev Results?!

I havn’t got sky sports to watch it here, but I’m really wanting to find out who won and if anyones just watched it, what they thought of it.

Think Haye is a beast, but I very often go with the “freaks” of sport. 7’2 heavyweight boxer with a record like valuevs, and odds are with him IMO.

Valuev winner, TKO.


Haye won on points.

Haye fought a really smart fight. You could argue he didn’t do enough to win it (he said afterwards he’d have thrown more but he busted up his right hand early on) but he rocked Valuev badly in the last round and didn’t take any more than a couple of shots himself in the whole fight. The guy is fuckin rapid for a heavyweight!

Yeah - from what I’ve seen it was boring to watch from an untrained eye so I’m not expecting anyone I know IRL to talk about it, but from what I’ve seen it was the only way he could win it. It didnt look like valuev really went after him that much though?

Arguably not but he was throwing leather, it just wasn’t connecting. He was was trying to back Haye up into the corners but Haye’s footwork was just too good.

Not that I could come close to beating them with one arm behind their backs, but I thought valuev in the later rounds would have really made an all or nothing approach knowing haye would be in better condition.

Saw the whole fight earlier, Haye gaining a stone had done nothing to his speed. Wouldnt want to be his heavy bag.

Glad Haye won. I like him.