David Boston

Does anyone know the workout Charles Poliquin is putting David Boston through. He looks awesome!!

Yeah, it’s called go to TJ and get GH or vitamin S.

And then have a “soft tissue heal injury” and sit out on Sunday.

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that was really, really gay chrismcl. you’d probably have to drop a fat wad of cash to even talk to poliquin, let alone get sound training advice.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

David Boston. Good bodybuilder. I thought he was supposed to be a football player? Oh, right, you can’t see yourself in the mirror on a football field. My error.

Hey may look good. But, he preforms likes SHIT!!! And he’s a cry baby.

I do. I was at Poliquin’s seminar on how he trained David.

Whatta ya know Jason…finally somebody has an intelligent answer! Ok…out with it John Clark! I admire Coach Poliquin and would enjoy going to one of his seminars.
What was his (Boston’s) program like?


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In an article on his website Poliquin said he focused on helping Boston bring up what Poliquin felt were weakpoints- his lower and upper back. Podium deadlifts (wide grip) are one of CPs favorite exercises for the posterior chain. I assume Poliquin gets into much more detail at his seminars so someone who’s been to one would know more

I’ve had a few guys ask me already, so I’ll just copy and paste what I told them. It’s pretty much all of my notes:
Here?s what went down at the David Boston Seminar:

Being a Poliquin fan, I?m sure that you know what stickler he is for Structural Balance. When Boston started with Charles, his lower back/hamstrings were weak and his Lats (Charles said most American athletes he trains come to him with weakness in these areas) were very weak as well. The first 8 weeks of David?s training was centered around achieving Structural Balance by brining up his Lats with lots of Chin-ups and his lowerback/glut-hams/VMO were trained with Split Squats on a wobbleboard. Charles doesn?t use the wobbleboard for ?functional purposes? but rather to help athletes learn to recruit the VMO. He also had David do a lot of the Snatch Grip Deadlift on the podium and its variations (i.e. vary the height of the podium, use chains, or do different kinds of deadlifts). David also did a lot of Step-ups.

Acceleration of the bar in concentric portion of the lift was highly emphasized as well. This is very important especially in the upper body lifts like the incline press. Charles also talked about several ways to help bar acceleration (wave loading, chains, etc.) Last year in camp, Boston maxed out on the bench with 425. This past summer, he could incline that weight.

Boston trained using the split most Poliquin athletes use:
Day 1: Chest and Back
Day 2: Legs and Abs
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Shoulders, Arms, Rotator Cuffs
Day 5: Off

Sets and Reps: Charles said that he used the sets and reps published in ?Modern Trends? He also explained them, but since they are in the book, I didn?t write them down (my friend has the book so I figured why bother writing them? Just listened to what he had to say)

Grip work was trained on all upper body days (days 1 and 4) and Charles said he really believes that that played a significant part in David?s improvement.

Interesting Points: Charles doesn?t start with Squats. He starts with the Split Squats and gradually works them in. He said you get a better training effect if squats are used later in the training period. He?s also getting into the herbal supplements and stuff like that. Also, he?s big on keeping cortisol levels down and might develop supplements that help manage coritsol.

Charles was very friendly and funny (don?t believe the stories you hear about him being an asshole).

I also wanted to say that David worked out twice a day, with the morning sessions devoted to weight training and in the evening he did Strongman type exercises.

so he trains using a bodybuilding split? and he uses herbs? is one of those herbs the new injectable herbal testosterone?

He uses aroma kits. I believe his most favorite herbs are Cinnamon and Myrrh.

I don’t care what herbs. All I know is that he tore the field up today.

In the past, when I was young and rebelious I did voice my opinion on how certain athletes were using performance enhancing drugs simply because they got unbelievable results (such as Boston’s).

However, the more I get to work with athletes the more I put these original beliefs to rest. For the simple reason that I’ve seen some rate of improvements that almost defy logic by athletes that I KNOW are clean. While I still believe that there’s A LOT of performance enhancement use in sports; I also believe that we should never assume anything and point fingers until we have proof … what’s the use anyway?

But even if these guys are using drugs it doesn’t entirely explain their fantastic progression and performances. I know more than a few trainee using steroids who are nowhere near what I’d call even “remotely muscular”. In the gym where I used to train more than 20 guys were using steroids and honestly, maybe one or two looked good and were strong. The other 15-18 looked like the average member and were not strong at all. Same goes for athletes … I’ve seen several athlete use steroids and still underperform.

As Louie Simmons once said: “There a bottle of testosterone in my office and I’m yet to see it bench press a hundred pounds!”

I could use the same idea and say “I’m yet to see a testosterone bottle make it big in the NFL”.