David Boston

Just thought some of the followers of football, and the Boston/Poliquin diet would like to see this.

Jeezus Christ.


you got a link for that picture…?

i wanna show somebody this.

go bucks.

Imagine being a 6’0 200 lb CB trying to cover, and bump him off the line.

By the way, the bigger CB’s in the league are 200 lbs, plenty of 'em are 180 and smaller.

Just another skinny bastard…

Ive heard from very reliable sources that Poliquin gives his guys much more than the latest mix of herbs. Anybody who has seen the results he has had with some of his athletes you know what i mean.

Now that is a big boy. One can only hope that now that he is out of Arizona and playing for a real team, Boston will get the respect he deserves.

Dude, why didn’t he enter the Hot Rox challenge?

I second that


I found the pic on a football message board.


Goldberg, I don’t doubt it. But even with a lil assitance, and great genes, this guy has obviously done some things right in regards to training and dieting.

His arms are bigger than my head.

I was just curious what is the Poliquin/Boston diet you’re referring to?

Oh no doubt. Im glad for him. Hes on my fantasy football team.

Mother of god.

PLease let me know what is the Poliquin/Boston diet???

Lets also look at how he goes to the bathroom. We should start doing that too! haha.

Damn! I have someone to look up to.

a) those have got to be 19’s or at least 18.5’s.

b) when the hell did San Diego become a “real” football team?