David Boston and GH

Interesting info regarding Boston and GH in this week’s ‘news and reader mail’ at T-mag. Since GH can’t be detected (right?) in drug tests this seems logical. Opinions?

dude, its not gh. im telling you, the guy read “winning the arms race!”

GH can be measured in the serum.

you know how many people in that league that juice? they catch who they wanna catch so it looks like they’re cracking down. bottom line is money, and bigger,faster,stronger atheletes are more fun to watch. they might get boston for somethin though, cause his ‘new’ physique is gettin alot of attention outside of the football world.or its gonna bring in a new [butsmall] fanbase and the nfl realizes that he [and others] are good for the marketing aspect, and they all become untouchable.
who knows?

Sure GH can be measured in serum

do any sporting federation in the world do blood tests for drugs?
Most will only use urine because of the absolute cost of measuring samples.

Whiteflash is right on the money. Same thing for the Olympics and baseball. The drug testing is a joke.