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David Barton Gym, New York.

I was considering joining the David Barton Gym in New York for both personal training to be a bodybuilder and as a place to workout regularly. I was wondering what people who have used their trainers and facilites felt about the experience there.

Did you meet your objectives? What did you think of the facilities and the people there? And the cost?


I know someone who went there; and he wasn’t impressive at all. It seems to me like it’s for rich middle-aged women. Lots of machines, lots of fancy design, DJ, steam-room.
From what I can tell, if you’re not 45 and female, it’s the metrosexual gym of NYC. I think it’s about $1000 a year for a membership, although I could be wrong. I’m not sure anyone who’s actually serious about training would go there instead of to Gold’s or NY Athletic Clubs (where some fairly high level wrestlers and other athletes actually train, btw).

I recognise his name, I think he had an article in Men’s Fitness about 10 yrs ago someone showed me where he was advocating just one set per body part, and by one set I mean ONE set. So the warmup and working set were like in the same set…

Yep exactly what I thought.

Please note that this guy is different from me. I don’t want a bunch of bad publicity because we have similar sounding names.

He spells my name wrong anyway.

[I can be serious… really]

Also not to be confused with Barton on Humber, the UK’s highest youth crime town for population size.