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David Allan Coe


I just had to say that I went to see David Allan Coe for the first time this past weekend and I have to say that he kicked some serious ass. I wasn't really surprised by that but it was all I expected and more. He started with a tribute to Buck Owens which was awesome, Did his originals (except The Ride) jammed to some Kid Rock and Willie and even Grand Funk. For a man who is 68 years old he can really rock. His son is one hell of a guitar player as well. I am still pumped from this show.

I have to give props to his openners, "Whitey Morgan and the Waycross Georgia Farmboys". These dudes really knew how to rock. At one point they went from Waylon's Ramblin Man into Cash's Folsom Prison Blues. I am definitely a fan of thse guys now.



I am a huge Coe fan.

Anytime he is around, it is always worth going.


I saw him play in Raleigh a few months ago, and I shit you not, he played "Wind Beneath my Wings." I have to admit I wasn't too impressed. He did play "Son of the South" and "If That Ain't Country," which was sweet, but the show only lasted an hour tops, and he didn't come back for an encore.

But hey, at least I can say I saw him. (And yes I realize he's 68...)


He bolted right after the set but Tyler Coe hung around and talked with some people. He signed my shirt which was cool. I hope I get to see another show that is for sure.


I'm not much for country, but that fella is a bad motherfucker.

I have to check out some of his records....what's his more rockin stuff? CDs you recommend?


It has been a while since I've seen him but the last few times that I did, it was sort of hit or miss with the type of show he put on. Actually, it seemed to be an all or nothing sort of deal; he either kicked ass or it sucked.


David Allan Coe Live at Billy Bob's Texas is kick ass. Also "The Essential David Allan Coe" is awesome as well. Those two will get you addicted then you will start buying his other stuff. Recommended for Airplay is good and so is Longhaired Redneck. Enjoy




I agree with Trailrash. Grab a greatest hits record - something along those lines.

He has a huge body of work, and just grabbing a random record may not get you excited if you don't have any exposure to the best of the best of DAC.


I am glad people like DAC are still making real country......as opposed to the crap on Top 40 cunt-ry radio.


Ahhhhh, so this is where the closet racist thread is.....

I like country and I have no problem with saying what the fuck you want and have listened to DAC plenty of times but I don't know if it is something that should be celebrated as being great.


There have been many, many, many 'great' people in history that have been qualifiably racist.

That has no impact on his musical skills.


From wikipedia:

Coe is often considered a racist by critics, who use his song 'Nigger Fucker' as evidence. Coe claims that he is not racist and that the song is a satire, although in personal appearances he makes an effort to appeal to racist audiences by playing a guitar painted with the Confederate flag. However, for a short time Coe had a black drummer, who was in fact married to a white woman. (He can be seen on Coe's Live At Billy Bob's Texas DVD in 2002).

Various other racist songs exist as bootlegs and rehearsals, and have been incorrectly attributed to Coe. The most likely source of the falsely-attributed racist material is Johnny Rebel, a racist songwriter whose music is usually released in single and bootleg form. Coe has been accused of being Rebel himself, though Rebel's recording career began several years before Coe's. Coe is aware of this sontroversy, and on his own web page, he has posted the following infomation, written in capital letters, as shown:



Also from Wikipedia:

"Nigger Fucker" is a country music song composed and performed by David Allan Coe, first appearing on Coe's 1982 Underground Album.


The song is controversial for its title and racist lyrics, but is regarded by many as satirical. The song's narrator, whose wife left him for a black man, uses offensive language to describe the intimate sexual love between his ex-wife and her new partner, and refers incidentally to the injustice of being left alone with the children. He says that the knowledge that he has had sex with a woman who has had sex with a "greasy nigger" makes him want to vomit. He criticizes interracial relationships on principle and refers to his wife's lover using the eponymous derogatory term "nigger". He ends the song rather abruptly with "So for all you nigger-lovin' whores / This song is just for you".

The somewhat simplistic and blunt nature of the lyrics suggest the song should mainly be understood as satire and Coe has, in the past, denied being racist and claimed the song was created solely for satirical purposes. Further, although his work includes many controversial songs, this is the only one with obviously racist lyrics. Despite Coe's denials of race-hatred, however, many who have heard the song or read the lyrics have difficulty believing him, because there are other aspects of his life that support the charge of racism. For instance, although Coe was born in Ohio -- not a Confederate state during the Civil War -- he has been photographed playing a guitar emblazoned with a Confederate flag, an emblem of the institutionalized slavery of African American people.


Yep, sure is and we are secretly planning a rally via PM. sarcasm

Are you telling us that any of the songs or albums that we have mentioned are racist? Well they are not so why can they not be great? And why can someone not consider him a great artist? Just curious.



Hey man... do you like Shel Silverstein? You know, the guy who wrote a bunch of childern's books? Well, just to let you know, he co-wrote "Nigger Fucker." I guess that means all the 100 millions of people who bought his books are closet racists as well; all those parents, libraries, schools, teachers...


My question is what is being satired. I guess my point is many people say that racism has been eliminated in our country and we should move on but then listen to music like this. Hardcore rap could also be thrown into the same boat. I like and listen to both, but don't pretend to think that racism is not a problem and that it will ever stop.

Enough, somebody post a pic of a hot female DAC fan.


Well, crap. Shel Silverstein wrote the song I was named after. I guess by those standards I'd be closet racist, too.

In fact, I have 2 CDs FULL of songs he wrote or co-wrote, plus 3 of his books that I borrowed from the library are sitting on my bedside table. I love the music, my kids love his books.

So some of his music is controversial. So what? Like you've never done anything controversial in your life?

I don't even know this David Allen Coe guy. But if you don't like him or his music or his lyrics or whatever, don't listen to it.


No one on here was saying that racism has been eliminated nor was I pretending it. Quite honestly racism had nothing to do with this topic so what is up with this tangent ?

sorry no pics of hotties at the concert.



Racism has a lot to do with this topic. I can't make a broad generalization but you can be sure many of his fans don't celebrate that song as satire and even the fans of the song who do not have any outwardly apparent racist behaviors inwardly cheer when DAC drops the N-bomb with so much fervor.

Anyways, the point of the post was to say you had fun at a kick ass concert and I'm sorry to have gotten away from that. You can't lump everybody at the concert into the category of racist redneck and I know there are none of those at T-Nation.

And before anyone brings it up, my apparent misogyny in the sex forum is also satire. Well, maybe not satire, but it something cool you don't even know about.


There are apparently some people who do not believe that every single person on the whole entire earth is exactly the same, and this is a really big deal.

This belief is worse than murder, or child abuse, or anything else, and we need to obsess about it ALL THE TIME.

As long as any person anywhere does not hold our correct opinions, we must not rest until they do.

Because of our love of tolerance, we find these people intolerable. Because of our respect for all views, their viewpoint is unacceptable. In the name of the universal brotherhood of man, we must crush these sub-human monsters.


Waaaiiitt....I get it...you're being sarcastic aren't you! That is so fresh!