Davey Boy Smith

I checked out a website today that said that wrestler Davey Boy Smith died of an enlarged heart. Now I know from reading this board for years that there is some disagreement about the significance of an enlarged heart. Obviously, Smith had been juicing for year considering that when he started wrestling he was 140 lbs., and when he died he was about 250. At what point is enough enough? This guy was taking anabolics along with GH, and massive doses of painkillers. And the kicker is that his death report said that the enlarged heart was death by “natural causes.” Yeah right! 39 year old natural causes. Unbelievable.


I saw a whole thing on him on tv. By the end of his life he was a major junky. So I’d asume his enlarged heart couldn’t take the stress of all the drugs he was taking rather then the juice. But it was probably a combination of everything. Who knows.

Davey Boy weighed 140 lbs. when he started wrestling? Fuck. I didn’t know that. Incredible. He was truly juiced beyond belief. I remember watching him and Dynamite Kid in the old days. What was that dog’s name, BTW?

Matilda, I think.

Yup, Matilda. That’s it.