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Dave's Training Log Now Resides Here

paused bench warm up 5x135, 4x185, 2x235, 1x285 working sets 4x3 335
dips 20xbw, 18x+45, 17x+45
tate presses 3x12 45
one arm tricep pressdown 3x12 40
bb curls 12x65, 85, 95 10x105

Kept everything fairly light in first day back training after Saturday’s meet

dead hang pull ups 3x10
low pulley rows 3x10 230
light sumo pulls to loosen back up

Bent rows caused too much pain in lower back which still is a bit rough from the meet so I switched to pull ups. Did some sumo doubles with 225 just trying to loosen up the lower back and they seemed to help a little.

paused bench warm up 5x145, 4x195, 2x245, 1x295 working sets 3x2 345, 3x3 315
dumbbell ohp’s 12x50, 60, 70
rear delt raises 3x12 50
ab pulldowns 15x110, 12x120
hanging leg raises 2x12

squats 10x135, 2x8 185, 5x235, 2x285, 2x1 335
leg curls 3x10 90
ghr’s 2x15

paused close grip bench 8x165, 7x215, 6x265, 4x315
paused 2 board press 3x 3 365
dips 15x +45, 15x+90, 8x+135
pull throughs 12x120, 2x12 140

Morning weight 197

sumo pulls 3x275, 3x315, 4x2 355
dead hang pull ups 3x10
dumbbell rows 3x15 100

face pulls 3x10 100
side laterals 3x10 35
ab pulldowns 15x110, 120 12x130
spread eagle sit ups 3x15 +25

paused bench 5x135, 4x185, 2x235, 1x285, 1x335, 1x375, 2x2 335
dips 15x +45, 2x12 + 90
tate presses 3x12 40
one arm tricep pushdowns 3x10 40
bb curls 12x85, 95 10x105, 8x115

First day of Bulgarian method benching. Plan a 7 week run.

sumo pulls 2x3 315, 2x365, 1x415
bent rows 3x10 205
low pulley rows 3x10 230

Bulgarian method lasted one day as a right pec strain that popped up a couple of weeks before my last meet showed up as tightness that I couldn’t warm up out of. Too far out to push forward so giving it a few days.

OHP’s 12x95,115 10x135,145 8x155
rear delt flyes 3x10 60
Ab pulldowns 15x110, 120 13x130
hanging leg raises 2x15

squats 2x10 135, 8x185, 6x235, 4x285, 1x335, 1x355
leg curls 3x10 90
ghr’s 2x15

paused bench 5x135, 5x185,2x235, 1x285, 1x335, 1x377, 2x2 340
dips 15xbw, 2x12 +45
pull throughs 12x120, 2x12 140

Benching went okay until final backoff set when I felt a slight pull in the pec, Same thing during dips so I kept them light. Skipped 3 planned sets of board presses due to pec. Looks like it is going to need a little more time to get back to 100%.

sumo pulls 3x315, 2x365, 1x405, 0x440
dead hang pull ups 3x10
sumo pulls 2x315, 1x365, 1x415, 3x3 440, 2x440
one arm dumbbell rows 3x15 100

Experimenting with sumo pulls due to some lower back issues following my last meet. Form is a work in progress.