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Dave's Last and Current Cycle Diet Log and Progress


I started another thread with my history and some diet pics of me but it was more of a general hi everybody first post thing. Here is the better place to talk about juice and exactly what I'm doing. So please refer to this thread for more info and pics as I don't want to repeat it all and re-post the same pics. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/pictures_pics_photo_body_image_performance/long_time_lurker_history_and_progress_over_last_3_months_

I'm no steroid noob, I did many cycles over the years and tried many different kinds. But before I was only taking very little amounts for short periods of time because of my sickness and the doctors always telling me not to take anything. For example, dianabol has always been my favorite, I've taken many times just that at 20-30mg/day for 8 weeks on and 8 weeks off with great results. It's really cheap and works every time, definitely one of the most bang for the buck. I was just on that when I was at my biggest and strongest ever at the time I was training for strongman. Literally peanuts compared to what the other guys were on! lol

And the reason I did is because like I've explained in the other thread, is that I've been battling with Crohn's disease non stop for years. I've always noticed in the past that when I was on gear that I always felt great. I'm not going to write my whole medical history but I've pretty much tried every freakin' med on the face of the earth over the years. There's pretty much only one left as a last resort and if that one doesn't work I'll have to get a bag (stomia) again for the rest of my life....

So I decided to take things in my own hands, screw the doctors! Didnt have much to lose since all the doctors and specialists have been doing such a great job at it all these years! lol I remembered how great I felt everytime I was juicing and decided to take the blast and cruise method! Get my diet in check and almost never go off gear! And guess what? I haven't had such a long period without any symptoms in I don't know how many years! I feel so fucking good you can't imaging how great it is to finally have a break from being sick and feeling like shit all the time. I plan to take moderate amounts over long period of times and vary the types of steroids taken to try to avoid stalling. I'm not gonna go crazy and go on 2 grams of test of week sorta cycles like some guys are on....

Started training 10 months ago and here's exactly what I've taken since then. I started conservative at first, sorta testing out the waters on my new meal plan and self medication lol. Went on
-anavar 50mg/day for 7 weeks, 4 weeks break off
-turinabol 40mg/day for 7 weeks, 4 weeks break off

Start of september 2010 until start of november
500mg/week deca
600mg/week test 400 blend

I Started dieting on nov 29 2010 but started the new cycle on the nov 20 and ended it almost 3 weeks ago, start of february.

-250mg trenbolone enanthate E3D
-250mg equipoise E3D

So a little over 500mg of each per week. My reasoning was that trenbolone is a good diet drug and with equipoise I wasn't gonna get any water retention at all so I could really keep track of the diet and weight loss without water bloat. Also took 50mg/day of winstrol pills in december, but stopped after 3 weeks cuz it made me feel like I was 80 years old! My joints were killing me on it. I didn't do any pct in between I just switched over to a new cycle almost 3 weeks ago wich consists of

400mg/E3D test 400 blend
200mg//E3D masteron enanthate
0.25mg/E3D arimidex

So I've been on this for litlle over 2 weeks when I took the posing video and those new diet pics. I'll post new pics and my progress in here from now on.

Check me out www.youtube.com/user/dfrelat

Warning!!!! I'm not posting this so those of you with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis tell your doctors to go screw themselves or that you should stop taking your meds and come on the juice bandwaggon! This is just my own personnal experience and my self experiment! This is working great for me so far but might totally fuck you up!


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My joints only started hurting when I took the winstrol pills which is why I stopped them after only 3 weeks. Joints came back to normal shortly after.... And yes equipoise does aromatize but a small degree and I wasnt taking a huge amount and with my diet in check at the time, the water retention from it was pretty negligible.


But talk is cheap, all that matters for me is the final result. I was 298lbs and flat benching 470lbs when I started the diet and that trenbolone/equipoise cycle. 3 months and 30lbs less later at 268lbs, I was still benching 470lbs and just as strong on everything else with no water retention. So I'm happy with it, worked out pretty good!


I've just uploaded a new biceps/triceps video. I'm getting bigger without gaining so much weight so all is going well, was 271lbs in that video. You can see a nice difference in how I look compared to the last arm workout vid I made in December.


One thing I don't like about the masteron so far is the muscle tightness, I knew it was gonna do that, but not that much! Feels like my muscles are shortened and lost some stretch, always seem to be on the verge of tearing a muscle. Might be great for a bodybuilders lifting light in pre-contest mode, but not for a guy who likes to lift heavy and go all out. As soon as that bottle is finished I'll probably switch to deca or something else right away. We'll see...


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He's just a weird looking bastard! His shirt is too tight, told him that day to stop raiding his girlfriend's closet for shirts!!!


I've had a real shitty week and only went to the gym twice. Been working overtime and too many days straight without a break. Gained a little weight again, was 276lbs yesterday. The diet sort of gets down the drain when I'm overworked and tired! Finally got my deca 300, started it last night in place of the masteron. Hopefully the muscle tightness will stop quickly and the deca will help with the joints a little. So now it's:

test 400 1cc/e3d
deca 300 1cc/e3d


Well it's been a week since I started the deca and everything is coming back to normal and the joints feel better already and I don't have so much muscle tighness anymore. I think I'll be really good in about 3 weeks when the deca really starts kicking in. Had some really good workouts these last few days, all is going well, still 276lbs...


Well it's been awhile since my last update, lots of stuff happened to me and training has gone down the drain these last 4 weeks. First off, met a women briefly and did nothing but whoring out and drinking with her for two weeks, then I cought a really bad cold and then to top it off last weekend got a real bad stomach flu virus that made me lose over 15lbs! Finally went back to the gym yesterday and I weighed only 260lbs! lol But the weird thing is that it was my chest day and I benched just like I normally do, I was sure I was gonna be so weak and suck badly but I did my usual single with 450lbs! Hurray for deca and test!

On the juice side, I cut my deca in half cuz it was giving me too much acne and deca dick! So I'm down to 300mg of deca a week now and still about 900mg of test 400 a week. Mr happy is back to normal and the acne on my chest is clearing up finally. Here's a pic I took at 275lbs two weeks ago before the stomach flu!