Davemccright's Dangerous Dave’s Diabolical Log for Density and Destruction

Last workout of the training cycle Saturday was appropriately hardcore. I pushed every set super hard. Wanted to go into the deload feeling like I earned it. Ready for something a little easier this week before getting back to hitting it extra hard.

5/3/1 and Widowmakers W3D3

Deadlift 360x5, 410x3, 455x2(rep PR)
Deadlift Widowmaker 360x20(PR)
Press with Fat Gripz 140x5, 160x3, 180x1
Press Widowmaker with Fat Gripz 140x15(PR)
Close Grip Bench with Fat Gripz 235 4x10, 235x8
Skull Crushers 165x7,5 115 3x10
Weighted Chin Ups 50 5x10
Shrugs 315 5x10


Man, how I’ve missed your posts—incredible (and inspiring) work!

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You’ve made more progress in a year than I have from the beginning till now and I abuse drugs :joy:

Full homo


Thank you so much man! The longer I do this and the harder I push, the easier it is to push to that level. I’m excited to try to play catch up and see what you’ve been up to!

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Hahaha thanks so much brother! I completely doubt that’s true because you have likely the craziest set of wheels on this site! But I appreciate the compliment! You da man!

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Just wanted to give an update while I’m on deload, I’ve started adding regular conditioning workouts on rest days. Inspired by Pwnisher, I do 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest for 10 rounds. I have a 10 sided exercise die that I roll during the 10 second rest period. Those 20 seconds of work, I’m pushing as hard as possible. These workouts have been pretty fun and something I look forward to every day! I agree with the sentiment, you can find 5 minutes!

I’m liking them enough to where I think I might even do them on lifting days! I love not knowing what I’m going to be challenged to do next!


Sounds great! Would you mind naming the excercises? Have you constructed the die yourself (or is it some kind of role playing die with burpee variations made by the great @ChongLordUno)?

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It’s actually an exercise die I got for Christmas a few years ago! The exercises from tonight’s session were dips (2x), Mountain climbers, burpees (2x), bicycle crunches, squat jumps (2x), and push ups! The randomness definitely adds to the fun! I performed every exercise for 20 seconds nonstop, rested and rolled the die for 10 seconds and repeated the cycle until I had reached 10 rounds/5 minutes. Nice quick and brutal metabolic conditioning you can fit in anywhere during your day!

Although trust me Chong comes to mind with every burpee I do. He and that exercise are synonymous in my mind!

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Today marks the beginning of Forever Boring But Big! I did a ride along with my cousin last night and didn’t get home until 8:30, then I slept until 3:50 and then scrambled to get to my family’s Sunday dinner then left there right around 6 and my brothers and I had a movie to get to with my uncle to see Black Adam at 7:25, so we were under a HEAVY time crunch. I still wanted to get the lift in, so I told my brother “We’re going to do Overhead Press, our Overhead Press Boring But Big Sets supersetted with a row and then get the heck out of there.” The plan worked perfectly, we got our work in and got a good pump before movie time and now I’ve just gotten home and am typing this up before bed to go substitute teach tomorrow morning. Extremely busy! Today’s lift was very challenging, being very tired made it extra difficult, but the weight’s job isn’t to be easy to move.

Forever Boring But Big 3/5/1 W1D1

Press with Fat Gripz 135x5, 150x5, 170x4
Press BBB with Fat Gripz 115 5x10
Db Row 115 5x10


Well after a couple of days off from the gym, just doing my conditioning dice workouts, I was back tonight, and this was one HOSS of a session! I forgot the Brutality of BBB Squats haha but I was quickly reminded. I’ve been kind of congested the last few days, so my breathing sucked extra during this session. Glad I got the work in, but man, climbing up my stairs tonight after I got home was a real chore. My legs aren’t really sore, but they’re fatigued beyond belief. Just no juice left in the tank! Safe to say this workout triggered a growth response. Time to eat!

BBB Forever 3/5/1 W1D2

Squat 250x5, 290x5, 325x5
Squat BBB 215 5x10
Chin Ups w/Fat Gripz x80
Dips x80