Davemccright's Dangerous Dave’s Diabolical Log for Density and Destruction

Finally starting my own log and I’m starting with Dr. Ellington Darden’s Extreme HIT 30-10-30! I also had my first 3 servings of Plazma this morning. It tasted really good! Definitely a lot like Gatorade. Today’s workout really felt brutal as I overestimated the weight on pretty much everything. You really have to think about how challenging the two 30 second negatives are, not just a weight you can get 10 reps with. The only weight I got right was barbell bent over rows. I was on a steep cut right before starting this and lost 15 pounds over the past month, and it definitely showed in my overall strength in this workout. The weights I selected should be fine for the Wednesday “10-30” workout, but I will definitely be dropping 10 pounds off of every weight except bent over rows. My conditioning is top notch right now so the only real rest I had to take between exercises was about 3-4 deep breaths and a swig of Plazma

Today’s workout:
Leg Extension: 195x30-10-30
Nautilus Leg Press: “17”x30-10-30
Bench Press: 135x30-10-30
Bent Over Barbell Row: 95x30-10-30
Overhead Press: 95x30-10-30
Olympic Barbell Curl: 75x30-10-30

I was smoked after this and breathing pretty darn hard, and my pump was sick. Got my “before” pictures and measurements taken yesterday including skin fold measurements. Today is the start of my caloric surplus which I’ll increase slowly and gradually since my metabolism is surely slowed from the 1500 calories a day I’ve been eating the past month.

Weight: 169
Height: 6’
Age: 25
Arms: 15.5”R 15.25”L
Waist: 28.25”
Chest: 43.5”
Quad: 23.5”
Bf: ~10.66% according to Jackson-Pollock skinfold formula 17mm naval, 8mm chest by nipple, 12mm thigh


Looking great Dave! Wish you the best of gains! And what a wonderful name on your training log! Will make sure to follow your progress!

I wouldn’t be too scared to up the ingested calories, since I was on approx 3500 cals on my previous run of regular 30-10-30. But, Plazma may take care of business.

Any favorite excercises of yours on 30-10-30 re feel?

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Thank you! Happy to have you aboard! I’ll be eating a little more, closer to 2000 calories, and the Plazma gives me an extra 800 calories a day as well. Favorite exercise may be hard to say yet because I was in so much agony haha but as of now, I’d say the bent over row and the Curl probably felt the best, I could feel my biceps getting pumped while I was doing it! I’m excited about my next 30-10-30 workout with more appropriate weights, however it’s somewhat embarrassing that I’ll be having to bench less than a plate for the 30-10-30, but this protocol just seems to have my fibers exhausting so quickly. Normally I would bench about 225-245 for 10 but those 30 second negatives are humbling!

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Indeed! :slight_smile:

Another good thing with this regime is you really need to plan your workouts ahead (in order to keep the rest to a minimum).

Do you intend to stick with the same excercises, or mix them up? I would recommend keeping fixed excercises on a particular workout days, one version mondays (machines?) and another on fridays (free weights?) - and keep the 10-30 wednesday workout “free form” with excercises that you either like (or suck at). LOL

Can’t remember exactly what Dr Darden prescribed in the e-book though - but in my opinion you always have to resist adaptation. Especially since the strength factor (the increasing weights) has been removed from the equation.


I think that’s a good idea! I have been thinking about cycling between barbell bent over row and chest supported row for example. Thankfully, in addition, I’ve noticed almost every workout is a little different in regards to exercise selection, which should also be helpful in terms of hopefully preventing adaptation.

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Thanks for this log.

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It’s my pleasure. I believe the more public accounts there are of a method being tried, the better!

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Hard to judge soreness today, as my shoulders, obliques, and abs were already sore from taking bp in preparation for softball season this weekend, to the point where it pains my abs just to clear my throat! Also my arms were sore from having to carry my grandparents metal shed to the street after it blew away and knocked over a fence in a giant wind storm we just had. Then I carried several 50 pounds bags of sand two at a time Sunday. However, my legs are semi sore, so I would guess that if it weren’t for the factors in play this past weekend, I would likely be a lot less sore in my upper body, but probably still sore to some degree. Had my first dose of Mag 10 this morning. Accidentally made it with 500 ml instead of 300 because I didn’t read the instructions, but it was also tasty albeit a little watered down. That’s my fault though. I’ll probably have my second dose in the next hour or so. Grape, lime, and orange have all been winners so far and I’ll have feedback on Blue Raz soon.

Workout Two this morning. This workout was just 10-30 and I stuck to pretty much the same weights since I slightly overestimated last time, so they’re perfect for this 10-30 session. My triceps feel extremely fatigued after the workout. It’s hard to explain, but the 10 reps almost feel easy but the 30 second negative just absolutely kills me. Especially on anything that involves triceps(bench, overhead press, triceps ext). Also finally tried the Blue Razz flavor for Mag 10 and Plazma and I can confirm it’s also a hit!

Today’s workout:
Leg Extension 195x10-30
Bench 135x10-30
Bent over barbell row 105x10-30
Overhead Press 95x10-30
Reverse Curl 55x10-30
Overhead db tricep extension 65x10-30

Overall the weights worked way better for this workout. Awesome pump after finishing this workout, not quite like the one Monday which had the extra 30 second negative at the beginning. Also not as out of breath, likely for the same reason. Definitely looking forward to Friday’s workout with the now more proper weight selection. I will also be subbing leg Press for squat Friday. Super excited about this program and really enjoying it thus far.


About 2 hours post workout now and the soreness has really hit me! I will note, using Plazma pre, intra, and post workout really seems to have my pumps lasting a really long time. Also the daily posing routine has been fun and gives me a little bit of a pump, the mistake was doing it right before bed last night and I find it hard to fall asleep right after pumping my muscles with blood. It took me probably an hour for my body to cool down enough to fall asleep.

Couldn’t agree more.

Definitely in for the log, you’re looking great.

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Thank you so much! Very happy to have you following along! I’m having a great time getting my thoughts out there on the training, session by session in the moment. I definitely want to be as transparent as possible

Is it like a circuit or a more like traditional workout (few warmup sets then your main set) ?

It’s a circuit. My only rest in between is a few swigs of Plazma and a few deep breaths, about 20 seconds max. I haven’t performed any warmups.

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Lookin great, dude. I’ll be following along.

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Thank you sir! Aye aye! I’m glad to have ye on board matey!

Dear lord, you’re a madman. It’s only one set, but still, 30 second eccentric on squats?? And not once, but twice in the set? Brutal. I love it.

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To quote that unfortunate criminal from Dirty Harry “I gots to know!” As killer as these 30 second negatives have been on even generally easy exercises like overhead tricep extensions, I have to know what it’s like on squat! I’m honestly super excited about it

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On the 30-10-30 method is the 30 second intervals only one way? Or both? (Concentric/eccentric)

I’ve been super curious about the plasma. I think I’m going to give it a run when I’m trying to gain weight.

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Both the first 30 and second 30 refer to 30 second negatives. The 10 in the middle is 10 standard reps (about a 1 second concentric, 2 second eccentric). So 30 second eccentric, 10 full reps, 30 second eccentric. You have to really lighten the load for this method, as you can probably imagine.

I’ve really liked Plazma so far, the taste is really good and it’s given me very good and sustained pumps even after the workout.

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