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Dave vs. Sammy vs. That Crappy Guy

  Some of us had been discussing Megadeth vs. Metallica for the last day or so. Now maybe we can turn our attention on van halen frontmen. These days I have no idea who's their front guy or if they are even touring. I've always been partial to Diamond Dave more so than Sammy. Its a shame Dave was given the boot.

Sammy did a good job and then he was given the boot. I forget what that crappy guy's name was. Wasn't it gary something ?
Who do you prefer ? Dave , Sammy , or gary



Sammy was good, but the music is quite different between the two. Much more edge to their early stuff with Dave.

Gary Scherone is the other guy.


DLR is the better show man, Sammy has the better voice. Maybe DLR could mime to Sammy's vocals???


Um, FYI, Dave is back in the band. VH is touring with Dave for the first time in 22 years (!) kicking off on Sept. 27 in Charlotte. The only difference is that Eddie kicked out Michael Anthony (coolest guy on earth) and replaced him with his 16-year-old son, Wolfgang VH, on bass. I've seen the videos of their rehearsals, though, and read reviews of them, and by all accounts they are kicking MUCH ass!

Tickets are hard to come by, and good ones are SUPER-expensive, so be willing to pay up if you want good seats. For example, for the show at Madison Square Garden in November the best seats are going (through brokers, of course, who snatched them all up) for $3,000 to $4,000. Yup. :frowning:


I saw them with Cherone. It was awful.

I saw Sammy and Dave when they toured together. It was great. Dave is the best but he is crazy.


I saw them with Sammy...one word of advice to anyone willing to shell out the cash to go see them...do NOT drink ! I can't remember half of the damn show.

I didn't like Cherone...I think he was the third choice behind Patty Smythe (that's right a girl) and some other guy...


Diamond Dave all the way.


David Lee Roth, FTW. How could anyone even doubt that? His showmanship and wacky public image, also, provided the inspiration for "Dr. Rockso" on Metalocalypse.


Sammy. Van Halen had the most hits with Sammy, although the legendary tracks are with Dave. Sammy's an awesome guy though, and he bestowed upon me, the loyal servant of all Tequilas (my fave liquor) the holiest of all libations: Cabo Fuckin' Wabo!!!

Sammy, I owe you my liver!!


Diamond Dave will always be the guy.

Yes, Van Halen had more commercial success with Sammy, but for pure rock, you can't beat the old VH stuff with Dave leading the way.

Not to say I don't like some of the stuff VH did with Sammy, because some of it is quite good. I just always got the feeling that a lot of those records were more about Eddie messing around musically with different things (a lot of synth in those days) than trying to be the best rock band in the world.


DLR all day, baby. Best showman ever and best voice.

Drop Dead Legs
Beautiful Girls
Mean Streets
Dance the Night Away
House of Pain
Pretty Woman

I did like Sammy's run, though.


Don't mean to double post, but

Holy shit.


Eddie kicked out Michael Anthony !!!!!!!! Since they're touring w/ Dave again I'd pay to see that. One of my fav songs is Ain't Talkin Bout Love !


On the pre-show vids posted on youtube DLR's voice is rather awful. :frowning:


I think you gotta look at it like Eddie had this wife right...and she just happened to be named Dave...and she gave birth to you and helped you grow up...she wasn't very good to you and caused more trouble than good..but damn those were some exciting times.

And then...along comes Eddie's second wife...her names Sammy...she's much better than your first mom...but so what ? You miss your first mom and no matter what kind of stability and goodness the second wife brings she's never gonna replace the first one...

And what's happened to your poor first mom since Eddie gave her the boot ? She's recording covers of Beach Boys songs and getting busted for buying her own pot...

Oh yeah...dad doesn't really want to play his guitar much anymore with the new wife either...he's too busy screwing around with the synthesizers...wtf !?!?

So there's my sorry analogy...

One last point...look at what happened to Dave when he left...Beach Boys covers and pot arrests...look at Sammy...got his solo career back and he's got a line of tequila...NOT saying that having your shit together makes you a better frontman...but...it's gotta count for something...and Sammy's probably as fucked up as Dave, but just better at keeping it in control and out of the public eye.


Sammy sold off his tequila business for 80 mil. and still gets like 20% of the profits. I saw VH the last time arouind with Sammy. It was pretty cool but Eddie was drunk and his guitar solo sucked ass.


Definately a diamond dave fan, october 22nd and ill be at their concert.