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Dave Tate's Training Log/Diet


From his site:


Monday - Hamstrings and Calf's

Tuesday - Lats and abs

Wednesday - Shoulders

Thursday - Arms or rest

Friday - Arms or rest

Saturday - Quads and calves

Sunday - Chest and abs

** I try to make the first movement per body part explosive using the dynamic effort method and short rest intervals, the second movement I go as heavy as I can using more of a max effort method approach (but to 3-6 reps), each movement after that is using the repetition method going to and past failure. I also wave the total volume over the weeks

Cardio has been progressing from 20 minutes 3 days per week to the point where it is now 30-40 minutes 5 days per week. This will keep ramping up to everyday. At this point based on the bodyfat lose so far I do not have any intention of adding in any HIIT cardio work at all. When I do use this it kills me ability to recover from my other workouts. I have broken my bodyparts out over 6 days only to increase the number of sessions per week for a few reasons.

  1. The sessions are shorter so I can train harder and more intense.

  2. There are more sessions per week thus more calories I can burn.

  3. The time in the gym is less per day allowing me to get other stuff done - like work.

Warm Ups are totally based on how I feel on that day. Some days there is a lot of movements - others nothing

Restoration - At this point I only use this as needed. I know as the diet progresses it will get harder to recover. I do not want my body right now to get used to the restoration work (foam rollers, the stick, hot tubs, ART, etc) when I know I will need it later on. YES your body will adapt to this stuff so it should also be cycled in your training.

I design my own training plans


I have been working off the same plan with no adjustments since I started dieting.

high day 6 meals
1. 50g protein 100g carbs no added fat
2 50g protein 100g carbs no added fat
3. 50g protein 100g carbs no added fat
4. 50g protein 100g carbs no added fat
5. 50g protein 75g carbs no added fat
6. 50g protein 75g carbs no added fat
7. 50g protein unlimited vegetables

medium day 6 meals
1. 70g protein (all meals are 70g protein) 75g carbs
2. 75g carbs
3. 75g carbs (make this meal post workout, so switch with meal 4 or 5 if you have to)
4. vegetables, 7g of healthy fat
5. vegetables, 7g of healthy fat
6. vegetables, 7g of healthy fat

low day 6 meals
1. All meals are 60g protien (yes, that low) 35g carbs, 7g fat
2. 35g carbs, 7g healthy fat
3. 35g carbs, 7g healthy fat
4. vegetables, 14g healthy fat
5. vegetables, 14g healthy fat
6. vegetables, 14g of healthy fat

Right now I'm doing 2 low days, 3 med days, 2 high days. sometimes 1 of the high days is a super high day. This is based on how I look, feel and weigh.

The super high day is basically 30g of protein 6x a day and as much carbs as I can eat (low fat carbs)

The Diet Plan was designed by Justin Harris


I'm a total supplement whore when I diet. If I'm not dieting I usually take nothing since I eat everything I can find. When I diet I will take everything I can if I think it will help at all.

Right now I'm using:

HOT-ROX Extreme
Low Carb Metabolic Drive
Alpha GPC
Surge Recovery (on med and high days only)
Preworkout Surge
Grow Whey
Curcumin 500
** The supplement plan was designed by Tim Patterson / Biotest.

That's it. I started at 297 and am now between 262-267 depending on the day. I'll take my bodyfat again this weekend but so far I have not lost a pound of LBM.

Final Thoughts

Dieting does suck! This time after I get down I am finding a way to not go back over 10-12%.


Wow, what a Biotest whore…


[quote]VikingsAD28 wrote:
Wow, what a Biotest whore…[/quote]

I’d take all of that shit if they sent it to me for free too…


[quote]Stronghold wrote:
VikingsAD28 wrote:
Wow, what a Biotest whore…

I’d take all of that shit if they sent it to me for free too…[/quote]

Me too! I never said it was a bad thing.