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Dave Tate's Strong(er)


I would like feedback from those that have tried and completed the phases of this program. Is it good? Is it possible to work full time and stick to his training schedule?


It's very good. IIRC, it shouldn't be anything you can't do with a full time job unless you're just really wanting to use your job as an excuse as to why you can't train 4-5x a week.


Ouch Bro! Just looking for for some program criticism. What is IIRC?


Did you do all three phases?



2-3 training days and 1-2 rest days a week... why would you not be able to do that while working full time? I dont get it?


No worries about training frequency here. I'm 40 and may not recognize overtraining signs. I love the conjugate style lifting programs from Dave and Jim Wendler but need strict guidelines to follow.


IIRC = if i recall correctly... either that or irate irishman's rectal clamp


you're 40 and you said "ouch bro!"??

that program has you training 2-3 days a week... you will be no where near overtraining.


How old is Tate and Wendler?


Have not actually done them, but I own all three and haven't seen anything in them that would indicate that its something that requires greater than average time commitment.


I'd say around 40 although Wendler is younger.


Ok, I was hoping you actually gave them a try.


Dave was born in 1964, iirc.

I'll be 40 myself soon and work out twice a day most of the time and have a full-time job. Overtraining isn't a pure function of training frequency or the number of days a weem in the gym. Train intelligently with a high volume of work and you'll progress - even at age 40.


^ So Dave is approaching 50, wow, now I feel like a loser.