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Dave Tate's Strong(er) Program

Does anybody know when phase 4 is supposed to be available? I know it is a new program and he was beta testing it but it should have been out by now (Each phase is around 3 months long and Phase 1 was released in Jan 2009). I am anxious to see how he wraps everything up.

No formal phase 4 will come out, for Dave says the following in the EFS Q&A:

"Since this is a rebound time how you train really doesn’t matter and is the reason why I haven’t posted a phase 4.

For those who tested this I have them do 4 different programs and they all had the same results. They gained weight and added muscle. Pretty much what you would expect form anyone after a diet phase.

If I do post this it will be as an article - not an ebook."

“As long as you are eating more food than it won’t matter how you train. The rebound is about the same regardless of the program if you dieted for that long.”