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Dave Tate's Latest Pics

Holy shit!


" Now you can see my face as it is not dropped in shame like the other ones. They did have to hold a donut in the air for me to look up."

That Dave F. Tate is one silly man. Hahaha…

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
Holy shit!



I’d hit it.

His deltoids look like someone implanted basketballs into this upper arms. Unreal.

All I see is his blog. How do I access the pictures?

See? Paint him blue and he would have been the perfect physique for “Beast” in X-Men 3.

Of course, Kelsey Grammer would still have to be the voice.

[quote]Leafblighter wrote:
All I see is his blog. How do I access the pictures?[/quote]

Same here, wtf?

Yeah yeah, but where are the wheels?

[quote]Jillybop wrote:
I’d hit it.



If this guy ever considers taking up bb, he’s gonna be in a class all his own.

God damn! I mean… just god damn!

That dude is friggin’ huge. If I were a waiter and he showed up in my restaurant, I’d be nervous, and expect a rather large tip.
Dave must be the size of an Angus bull

the one of him with the blue top is now my new destop image

Dave is the man.

See what proper use of swiss balls and the Total Gym will do for you?

It very apparent that dave tate has been extremely consistent in his use of ‘Surge’ and ‘Metabolic Drive’.

Why would I care to see pics of some fitness model?

Ok, who’s the joker that kidnapped Dave and replaced him with some skinny bodybuilder?!

But seriously, you have to admire anyone who goes after his goals with such determination.

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[quote]comedypedro wrote:
Leafblighter wrote:
All I see is his blog. How do I access the pictures?

Same here, wtf?[/quote]

Try turning off your adblocking or pop-up blocking software.

For whatever reason, my stuff treats pictures on elitefts as ads, and they’ll only show up when I turn my software off.

I dont know much about powerlifting as far as the drugs and what not go (who uses, testing, etc) so I can’t say for sure if Dave Tate is natural or not. Ordinarily any human being that looked like that I’d say no, lol, but powerlifters train hard and heavy, that much I do know, so maybe it’s possible. Tate’s one strong SOB.

Anyway, even if he is on, I’m sure it’s miniscule levels compared to what even some of the 190 lbs amateur bodybuilders are on nowadays. Could you imagine what the hell Dave Tate would look like on the amount of drugs a guy like Cutler or Ronnie use? And that’s not knocking them. Coleman’s training videos are insane, but FUCK…Dave Tate would look like Gregg Valentino, but wouldn’t even need the synthol. Amazing…