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Dave Tates Bench Press Cure Question


After practicing and practicing form for a couple months and im ready for some weight. When starting the program it says to do a floor press. Does that mean the hips are off the ground driving the traps into the ground or the hips down and try to drive the traps into the ground? i just want to know what would be the right way. Thanks for the help guys.


Floor Press = Hips down and legs straight (although some people do them with bent knees)

Pause the weight on the ground, then press.


One thing I learned the hard way about floor press is that you need to touch the ground softly. First time I did them I came down WAY too fast and my forearms felt like they were going to snap when my elbows hit.


Thanks for the help!! Much Appreciated


Careful how much weight you load, it can be kind of embarrassing to be stapled to the floor.


It's also possible to use something each side high enough to avoid pinning, but low enough to allow the elbows to touch the floor at the bottom of the movement. For example, for me stacks of 3 plates work well for that.


Yeah and make sure there are no plates on the floor near you elbow.

Damn! it puts you off if you clip a plate with your elbow!