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Dave Tate's 6-Week Bench Press Cure


Has anybody done this program and had any success? Dave said that he's had some guys put 50+ pounds on their benches with this program. I was thinking about running it before full-blown football practice started. Thanks in Advance.



its just 6 weeks, run it and see what happens.if anything, you wont get a pr for 6 weeks, no biggie


Never tried it, but Dave knows his shit. 6 weeks is nothing. Run it. I'm sure you won't be sorry.


I ran it and had no success with it. HOWEVER I am strictly a RAW powerlifter and I feel as though the progression of distance with supra-maximal weight just doesn't cut it (for me). When I performed the routine, although I believe I had proper form, I just didn't handle the weight in the same way I would a 85-90% max with full ROM. You'll find this is strictly individual. I have next-to-zero success with things like pin presses, floor presses, etc. but if I increase my frequency in full ROM exercises (more days/week on flat bench/incline presses yada yada) I make steady improvements.

Just my opinion. As said above, what's six weeks? Plus I will add that it was a nice change of pace to use different equipment..not to mention all of the 'wtf' looks you'll get from everyone else in the gym!


I had a similar experience with his big bad bench program years ago, but in looking back on it, it was because of my lack of understanding.

I think you can use Dave's progression and speed work, but you may have to pick different ME exercises, maybe different accessory stuff as well. Dave has written that his lockout has always been his weak point, so 3 boards, pin presses, reverse bands, whatever he's got in there, make sense for him. If you're weak off the chest you may be better off with illegal wides, inclines, cambered bar, etc.

Just my two cents, I really didnt "get" this when I was running westside years ago, and havent gone back to it since, but this is what I'd change if I were to do so


Well, you kind of hit the nail on the head. Like most raw benchers, I'm weak off the chest. Thanks.