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Dave Tate WTF!!!


Because of the nature of this, I wanted to come onto this site to confirm. Is Dave Tate for real?
On Elitefts he is having a one day sale with 70% off all items in stock with free shipping?!
If I get the parisi videos and a bunch of books, as long as they are in stock, I will get that deal?
Somebody please confirm.
This seems insane!
What items are not included?


Is it really all items? I wish the sale fell on payday, I'd get that new Parisi video, a sled, and a new belt.


"up to 70% off"


You're not entirely correct with the 70% off sale. The banner says Up To 70% off in stock items and free shipping. The 70% off is not guranteed on everything. I found some things that were only 10% off or so. You basically have to just look through everything and see how much it is discounted.


Thanks for the FYI about the sale. Was nice getting free shipping on the medicine ball!


thanks for the clairication guys! I will check closely before ordering.
Do any of the elitefts guys post on here? Maybe they could help?


sorry...that was clarification


You don't need any more help from them. Items are on sale; the deepest discount is 70%, others are not as discounted. This is how advertising works.



Thanks for telling us about it. I was going to buy a weaker CoC gripper than the one I just bought, but saw elitefts's sale and was able to get a 100lb one for over 20% less than what I would have paid at the CoC website.

I also bought a shirt. Can't beat free shipping.

The funny thing is that some items are on "sale" for the same price as their regular price.

I just wish the videos were marked down a bit more.


The current sale is for 'up to 70% off and free shipping on in stock merchandise.'

The shipping alone can save you a nice chunk of change off heavier items.

Dave often has similar sales which he sends email notifications about. Often they include free shipping on all items, which in the case of weight equipment, can save you a lot of money. These notifications are sent out to the members of his EFS Newletter and previous customers if they provided an email address.

The newsletter comes out weekly and is free. Full of a lot of good information and links to new articles. There should be a link on the www.EliteFTS.com web-site to sign up for the newsletter if you are interested.


woah, is that serious about free shipping????


Buff killa,
thanks for telling me what I need.
what are you?
the mad dad.


Be careful on the free shipping. It does not usually apply to items that ship by frieght.

I think shipping shows up when you click an item if it ships frieght.

Elite does this quite a bit and it always expires just before pay day!



I'm sure it's free ups shipping, not freight items.


I wanted to get some bands but the "sale" on that stuff is nothing major.