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Dave Tate on Ronnie Coleman


I am not much of a crossfit fan but i occasionally watch there videos and thought this was kinda cool.


Got a link to the rest of the video?


YOu have to be a crossfit journal member to see the rest. Dave goes on a bunch of different tangents ranging from why he thinks an average NFL career only last 3-4 years (lot of players do shit in the offseason), the chaos training theory, steroids and shit. He was all over the place but it was a cool video because it was Dave fuckin Tate, could listen to him all day.


do you have a link that works?


Dave Tate has a good presenter "aura" , he is clearly comfortable and confident in what he talks about and how he talks about it, he's the type of speaker who makes you want to listen to what he has to say, and much of what he has to say is pretty solid stuff. In particular, I like how he regularly draws his parallels with the disciplines of weight training along with the disciplines of life. How success in one field can help to prepare you for success in another field, and how there is no substitute for a consistent, persistent work ethic. He could probably make a living as a motivational speaker if he wanted to.


I really want a link to the rest. Dave is the shit.


Dave Tate rocks!

edit: i might acctuly pay the subscription just to see the rest of them videos.


He goes on to talk about a lot of different things. He talked about how some pro football players never train, how pro bodybuilders get winded walking around and training intensities for drug-using and non drug-using lifters. In another video series he had a seminar where he taught some head trainers box-squatting techniques( holy crap Crossfit people training maximal strength?) And fyi, mods don't like it when you link Crossfit shit in the forums, in my experience.


It's only 25$ for a year (at least when I got it it was). The box squat instructional is awesome.


His take on success and integrity ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxTnSs04k10 ) is damn insightful. I have mad respect for Mr. Tate.


Tate is the shit, but what goes on about Coleman? I don't really care to open a new screen, and copy and paste the link and all the associated BS.


coping and paste is tough bro, i fell ya, he just basically said Coleman is a big fucker w/ zero injuries so his non-existent full ROM and other techiques wherein you go "WTF" should be looked at more closely because drugs aside, big nasty did something right.


I wish my nickname was Big Nasty.


With a name like that, you could just fart loudly in public and people would just laugh it off.

"I would like two tickets....!!BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPP!!!!...to Transformers, please"

"Oh, Big Nasty. You so silly."




That's because he is Ronnie Coleman. Even if I replicated his techniques, ate at the Black Eyed Pea, undertook the same protocol, drowned my good old chicken in KC precontest, and wore the same American flag parachute pants I would not be 1/16th the greatness that King Coleman is.


ronnie has had his share of injuries.


Speaking of the King, does anyone know off hand his weight when he first started, as in his first contest?


...and not one of them is out of the ordinary for a regular lifter. He hasn't, however, had any that derailed his training or his contests completely which is extremely impressive considering the weights this guy throws around.

I think it would be naive to think someone could lift at that level and never have even one single minor injury and I am sure that is not what Dave meant.


IIRC, most of them were in the last year or two of his IFBB career and more nerve related than musculo-skeletal.