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Dave Tate Now?


Remember the Dave Tate project, Parts I and II?

I'm interested in Dave Tate: The Saga Continues. I'm wondering if he's maintained the new, healthy eating habits.

Perhaps the Big Man himself can give us an update? I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in this.


Go over to elitefts.com and read his training log.

Right now he's pushin' 3 bills and eating whatever.


I've heard he went back to old eating habits as well. Oh well it works for him! He makes good gains, and when he strips off the fat he looks f-ing hard as a rock.


But what about the blood tests that scared the shit out of him and made him change his eating to begin with? Looking good and being healthy aren't exactly the same thing.


He's back up to 297 (as of the other day, according to his log), but I think he's getting ready to cut down again.

If I remember correctly, he was trying to take advantage of bulking after maintaining his lower weight for a few months.




Ah, a blog. I'll check that out, thanks.


297?!! Jesus, thats more than Jay Cutler weighed in the offseason leading up to the 2007 Olympia.

Dragon, I don't really agree with Tate's eating habits thats for sure, nor do I recommend or would do it myself. But as you can see the dude is a monster even before he stripped the fat. Personally once I got to where he was after this last cut, I'd never bulk again and eat but healthy in order to make gains.

I think I'd vomit a box of oily sugar cubes if I ate what he used to with all the McD's and donuts. But he was probably getting mad calories. And even though it was a McGrizzle with cheese, its still protein....I guess.


Hell, I ate exactly that same way through 4 years of college. Left me short a few million brain cells, but I'm still alive.

The beer and drugs had nothing to do with it.


I'm sure even Dave Tate my disagree with his diet to some extent, but he went from 120 mph all his life to 0 for a year eating healthy. That has to be harder then lifting any weights, I'm sure he liked the way he looked but wanted a nice peanut butter burger. People sometimes justify what they do and just say well it makes them stronger.


Did anyone else notice that now Dave Tate also has the ability to time travel? His last blog was 3/13/2010. That's pretty cool I guess.


It's elite's version of a sticky. Set the date way in advance so it stays at the top of the page.


I saw that too, and thought it was a delayed Y2K effect.


I know you are joking. But he put that date on their so it stays pinned to the top for anyone that doesn't understand.


Unless I missed it, the problem with that is that he doesn't say within the post when it was written, so I have no idea how recent that info is.


It's months and months old, if you want Dave's training info just scroll down an inch below those.


i think the rest of us will manage to cope. Besides everybody knows dave was sent from the future to save the planet. With all that time travel he sometimes gets his dates confused, like that time he posted the over/under on Superbowl 53.


The second one was right at the end of 2006, and the first one is close to a year and a half old (I think)


Thank-you for the informative response.


Dave posted his most recent update...he's almost to 300 on 1 cheat meal a day.