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Dave Ramsey


I don't know how I would deal with your situation. Thankfully, the GF is very on board with the whole thing. What issues to you run into about what numbers mean? Budgeting, to me at least, is one of those things that's amazingly simple yet difficult.


I have yet to get a plan going seeing as my last year of university is coming.

However my ability to live minimally should help.

As of now I have a Galaxy S2, which has proven really helpful, the plan I am on is just a money sink and I doubt I will need it when I move back to my parents house.

Other than food, my next biggest outlay is my car and I have no insurance claims for going on 4 years now. The car is in good condition and weathers pretty well for its age. I dont see the need to buy new cars.

My outlays are food, accommodation, gym, car+phone insurance, car tax, occasional out on town, medicine once a month. The only thing I need is a well paying job to start clawing back the debt I've got from uni. I hate debt and I dont have a credit card.


Never trust women with your finances.

Only a proven track record should be taken into account but even then not one person should be responsible.


Once we're married I WILL trust her with OUR finances. What a silly thing you said.


Yes, it was medical debt that I thought I would have to file BK to be rid of, but after going on the forums (Dave Ramsey forums)and reading how others did it, I gave it a go. I did end up getting a second job writing software code at home. After I paid off the debt, I continued to save money in my emergency fund and fatten up my retirement account. It takes dedication and the ability to par down to almost nothing. No outside entertainment, no dinning out, pinch the pennies. But it is a great relief to have it paid off.

Less then a year latter, I needed every dime I had saved as I again became ill. So you just never know.


Harrypotter, if you can't trust your SO with your money, you are with the wrong person. If that is the case, then you have much bigger problems then your current debt load.


I try to handle it delicately but firmly (emphasis on try). I've created the order of priority and filing system to ensure that everything is as clear and simple as possible. The stumbling block is when the emotions kick in about financial insecurity. I call it separation anxiety from money. It's a basic fear that we'll run out, but when a bill or payment gets shorted (for absolutely no reason) the penalty exacerbates the next billing cycle. There goes more, for no reason other than being afraid that we'll run out before the next paycheck- which we never have.

Last month a guy showed up with a repo order and a tow truck. After a couple of phone calls to figure out why- I find out that there is way more than enough to cover the arrears, monthly budget, and a decent amount left over.

Then, when I sit down and start doing them myself she gets upset and takes it as me judging her to be a failure- Then comes more emotional stuff and rational thoughts and actions go out the window.

I've actually asked that she see a counselor or therapist for the deeper issues that drive the behavior, because there is no rational reason that any of this should happen, and anything I say is interpreted as criticism.


I sit down and do the budget beforehand, and bring it down from the mountain top. I use our monthly income and then write out all the numbers that we know have to be paid every month (includes tithe). What is left over we put into savings, and then the blow money. My wife gets to use that money for whatever she wants. Our biggest issue is food. We have 6 people in our family and we eat a lot of food.