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Dave New Cycle D-bol, Tren, Test

Up until last week I was on test and deca. I did that little cycle because I needed a break, had alot going on in my life at that time. I wanted the deca to heal some injuries and joint pain, wich it did. It’s been just over a year now since I started working out again. I wanted to gain back the size and strenght I had in the past. But the goal I wanted the most was to bench 500lbs raw again. I’ve been stuck at around 470lbs for some time now and can’t seem to get passed it. So I’m hoping that this new cycle will be the one to finally bring me back to the 500 club! I’ll be posting some videos and pictures as I go along and of course especially a video of me doing 500! (if I get it)

So I bought myself last week some d-bol, test enanthate and tren acetate. I already had some arimidex and nolvadex at home and I’ll be getting some hcg shortly. I got a pretty nasty stomach flu two weeks ago and lost over 15lbs because of it, I dropped down to only 260lbs! I was at 262lbs six days ago when I started the d-bol and was 274lbs today, so 12 pounds so far in six days, not bad! lol But to be honest, most of that weight I would’ve just gained back normally without the d-bol… I’ll wait maybe up to a week before starting the tren because I’m finishing off a good bronchitis and I want it to clear up before I start getting tren cough! The cycle will be between 8-10 weeks, I’ll see as I go how I’m doing and feeling and I’ll adjust the lenght and dosages accordingly also.

D-bol 40mg/day
tren acetate 50-75mg/day
test enanthate 500mg/week
arimidex and nolvadex (taken as little is needed)

Some stats as of today:

34 years old
6’ tall
19½ arms (cold)
bf not sure, guessing 18-20% more or less
470lbs flat bench raw

I already had this pic in a previous thread but it’s the latest pic of me, was taken about 3 weeks ago…

Good luck man! I’d say it sounds like a wise choice waiting for the bronchitis to clear before throwing in the tren… not even just because of the coughing, but also so you’re just ready to push yourself.

I’m in the midst of a cycle and attempting to reach 405 flat raw this time around, so I wish you the best in your goal

Thanx and good luck to you too! ¦¬)

So that’s like less than 1.5 grams total per week. That seems low for someone your size. Is that really the amount you use during blasts?

It’s more than enough for me, I always make great gains with d-bol, used to gain 20 pounds every time on that alone in the past never using more than 30mg/day! Tren is very strong too you don’t need tons of it for it to work. I’ve never taken huge amounts of juice, never really needed too so far to make gains.

I can’t sleep coming back from work this morning so here’s a new pic! Better ones and videos will be on the way as I go on this new cycle… You can also see me on www.youtube.com/user/dfrelat

Didn’t post for some reason… You can also see me on www.youtube.com/user/dfrelat

I started the 75mg/cc trenbolone yesterday at 1.5 cc/e2d. I’ll start with this and see how my body reacts to it and adjust later accordingly. The rest is the same as before 40mg/day d-bol and 500mg/week enanthate (I’ll probably up that too). Even though I’m doing this more for strenght than anything, I cut back on food a little because I was starting already to get massive pumps from the d-bol and since I did, it settled down a bit and my weight is somewhat stable. Was 272lbs today so I even lost two pounds! I’m doing some really good workouts though, very good pumps and veins sticking out (I’m not vascular at all usually). Not that much stronger yet but I have alot more gas, I can do more sets and reps than usual. I love it so far, can’t wait for everything to really start kicking in about 3 more weeks.

I’m 274lbs today and had an awsome biceps/triceps workout, felt really good and strong, great pump. I’m really happy, I’ve been meaning to try 4 plates on the close grip for awhile, and today was the day, I smoked it, an easy double! The spotter was anxious and grabbed it too fast, I would’ve gotten a third on my own! I haven’t done this in I don’t remember how many years, really happy! Check it out:

If I can stay injury free, it’s looking good for my 500 bench in the following weeks!

I’m 272lbs today, and tired as hell, working nights is hard sometimes but I still managed to do a good chest workout. First time in a real long time I go this heavy. It’s looking good for my 500 in the following weeks.

Your one strong dude. Im going to be running a similar cycle over summer but instead of dbol i will be running adrol. :slight_smile:

Anadrol is next on my list, never tried it yet. I’m anxious to see how it will compare to dianabol.

How is the tren ace working out for ya?

[quote]DFRELAT wrote:
Anadrol is next on my list, never tried it yet. I’m anxious to see how it will compare to dianabol.[/quote]
Anadrol blows dbol out of the game ime. Tbh Im not sure if ill ever go back to dbol…depends on the goals I guess.

A few months ago I did a diet with equipoise and trenbolone enanthate. The acetate gives me different sides from the enanthate. The enanthate gave me shortness of breath and a little bit of tren cough at first but the acetate gives me none of that, it gives me freakin’ bad insomnia! I work nights and already had trouble sleeping but its really bad since I started the acetate. Even sleeping pills don’t do shit! I wasn’t taking much to start with and since I’ve dropped down to only 75mg/E2D it’s gotten better. I had never tried it before but I’m probably gonna switch to enanthate instead. As far as muscle growth and strength gain wise, both seem the same to me.

Interesting. I have sleeping issues on test alone.

Overall did you like the mixture of EQ and Tren together? I was trying to run a diet (cutting) with EQ this time around, but honestly on EQ, if I don’t have food either on a plate in front of me, or in my stomach already, I don’t feel “right”… so hungry constantly that dieting (as in cutting) for me is pointless with that compound.

274lbs today, feeling ok except from the massive lower back pumps I started getting. Still no 500lbs bench but I’m sure I would’ve gotten my 5 plates by myself (495lbs+/-) if I had my regular training partner with me. The guy spotting me followed the bar even though I told him to only touch it It I get stuck. He said he just followed and didn’t help at all, but it still pisses me off! I count it as a miss! Second try I went to slow and got stuck, but can’t complain since it’s my first chest workout since I got sick and it’s been over 2 weeks since the last one…Next week! Did some high reps stamina sets after, went ok, did a decent amount of reps, gave a great pump!

Looks strong, I think you have that lift. I know what you mean about the spotter, there is no need to touch the bar unless there is downward movement. Otherwise don’t touch the bar, its a distraction.

not that im close to benching that kinda weight but if you want a little tip just from what ive researched and tried myself for getting more weight on the bench. try watching dave tate’s video on so you think you can bench. Its great for setting up for big lifts. Your feet and legs didnt look like they weren’t locked and strong. You look like you were built for benching so i bet if you take daves tips you’ll probably add 20lbs just from tecnique adjustments alone. just my 2 cents…looking strong, keep up the great work

ddave video can be found on elitefts.com

My training partner is also one of the best paintbrush artist in the world and he started selling t-shirts with some of his work. He gave me a new one so I made this video today at the end of my back workout for him. His website is worth visiting, absolutely kick ass work!