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Dave Hoff Totals 2700 @ 262


This is insane. The only other thing I've seen of him on T-Nation was about him potentially stuffing his shirt. Either way, all of these lifts are incredibly fast!



I am sure he had a knee wrap shoved under the leg of his squat suit. You know he's only 22? Maybe even 21. Thats just silly.


Absolutely heroic

Just so you guys know, he

Squatted 1035
Benched 840
Deadlifted 825


The beginning of that deadlift was insanely fast.

I'm happy he was able to meet the expectations of the judges on his squat (all that matters) and get 2-3 whites but that was some questionable ass depth.

Don't even try and flame me you fuckers. He did what was needed to be done. Good on him.



I wasn't claiming he was stuffing, just saying that was the only thing I've seen of him until now.

I believe he's 22 now though. I have about a year and a month to catch up with him. I only need to add 600 to my squat, 500 to my bench, and 300 to my deadlift. Almost there...


I think this would be the second highest total of all time in the 275 class, correct? Incredible for such a young lifter. He's my age. Holy shit.


Correct. #2 total at 275 all time



It really has to suck to be that good at something, work that hard for it, come out with that amazing of a result, and still be #2. =0)

It's like watching Olympic swimming were 2 guys break the current WR in the same race. "Congrats, you just swam that race faster than anyone in history, and you still lost."


And he still has nowhere to go but up. I just hope he does so honestly.


I wish lifters that are so clearly as good as he is would choose to lift in federations where the judges actually enforce the rules as written. His squat was high and his pull wasn't locked out before he got the down signal (you can see his grip going). It would be nice regardless of the equipment used if judges across federations enforced the rules. There has to be a middle ground between the sometimes stupidly strict USAPL standards and this.


Welcome to my backyard fed brah, world rekkerd setterz!


Wish I had been born a Freak...Amazing


It's hard to do that because it's up to the discretion of the judges. He did what needed to be done to get it to pass. When I compete, if I get 3 whites, I am working too hard and I know that. Means I can go a bit shallower.

I am not trying to reduce anything the dude is doing, as he is an absolute beast, I was just surprised.


It's not the discretion of the federations. Some federations are known for tighter judging (usapl, SPF makes consistent calls from what i've seen), but overall, it falls on the judges.

And like Nate said, 3 whites and you're trying too hard.



I like the SPF, but thats the most funny thing Ive read in a LOOOONG time.



I've been satisfied with the judging at events I've been to, But youtube vids tell a different story.


Thats the biggest piece of rubbish ive ever heard, if you try and cut squats you will just end up missing more lifts and making lower totals. ALmost every time i see a lifter try and cut a squat he makes it harder for himself.


From what I've seen, no fed is consistent on squats. Hell, no ref is consistent unless they always give the same light to everyone. Having watched SPF Nationals up close, I can at least say that I didn't feel like the refs had any bias or agenda. I can't say that about every fed I've seen.


Yes, just what we need, another fed. :slightly_smiling:


his lifts are immaculate...