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Dave Hoff 3015, Gets on ESPN, Almost Kills Louie


Anyone know what the lifts were?

Yes I know they use steroids, squat high, and multi-ply doesn’t count


I just saw where he launched Louie, which was hilarious (I guess if was Hoff, I just saw a quick video).


Yeah it was him. He was looking ENORMOUS



Apparently Louie fell hard enough that it restored his ability to turn his head to the left, so now Hoff can also claim to be a chiropractor.

And as much as that sounds like one of my typical comments on here, I’m being genuinely sincere. Read it on the Westside vs the World page.


No I heard that also. Wouldn’t be ironic if Louie could return to competition because of Hoff pulverizing him




Thanks. According to these numbers, Dave was about 50 pounds off the all time geared squat WR, and 100 lbs off the all time geared bench world record. In the same day. Oh and throw in an 815 deadlift. Unbelievable


It was just a dynamic effort Louie Press


Poor Louie. AJ Roberts did something similar once, although Louie had a wall behind him so he didn’t go airborne


This kind of shit always trips me out man. Haha I had a great grandfather who had Parkinson’s for the longest time. He had a heart attack one day and once he left the hospital, so did his Parkinson’s. Wild shit


Did Hoff ever get in trouble for the Towel Press?

So sad Hoff gets on ESPN and we have IPF raw worlds happening right now.


Kind of agree…dont get me wrong Im not anti gear because I just dont care really anymore. But it doesnt represent the current landscape of Powerlifting as of the moment. Maybe 10 years ago than I can see…


I heard a story about an old bald man who got struck by lighting while playing golf. He survived and his hair started growing again. No joke.


Only on youtube. See third attempt.


Seemed to be something going on there. Here’s 1000 without the towel