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Dave Hoff 19 Years Old - 2430 @ 275


The latest freak outta westside did 1005/680/745 for 2430 at 275 at the Iron House open last week end.

And he did it as a frickin 19 year old.

I don't even know how to describe how sick that is.


I bet he had to wear powerlifting gear to do it, that pussy.

I know I'm joking, but I bet there will be responses like that which aren't =P


holy moly. :open_mouth:


I watched all of Dave's lifts. He's going to make history in this sport. When he took that 1000lbs out of the hole, it was very clear he was either going to squat it or go out in an ambulance, because he wasn't going to give up. He out on a great show for everyone.


I bet if he didn't use a belt he could only squat 315, because belts are a crutch.


Wow, just wow!

Any video out there?


I knew you probably knew him. The kid is absolutely freaky by thelooks of things. I'd lvoe to see some videos!!

I heard he put like 600lb onto his total in the last year?? Is that true?? Did he move up to multi ply from raw or single ply?


I would be surprised if something like that was a just a change in lifting gear- 300lbs, maybe; but not 600. Where I have seen these kinds of gains, they have generally come from radical improvements in technique (a distinct possibility this guy went from training at Gold's to training at someplace like Westside) and/or a radical increase in pure strength (quite possible with a young dude like that- even more so with appropriate supplementation).

Damn- I wish I was still 19- then again, I'd just have to come up with a different excuse for having stagnant lifts.


I see some serious record breaking potential here. 19...jeezz, this kid probably has a legitimate shot at 3k total.


squats a grand but only has 65lbs more on the deadlift then his bench press.

impressive numbers for a young guy, but it just makes me said that he probably will bench more then he deadlifts in less then a years time.

hell thats impressive for anyone no matter the age.


He might seriously have a shot at breaking a grand on all of his lifts.


I assume this is not the gentleman in question



some one wana throw a pic/vid in


Thats him alright, 19, but the roids make you lose your hair and gravitate toward agricultural work... I saw it all on sixty minutes.


Holy shit- 19 y/o, totals 2400+, AND has tenure. What a renaissance man! What else has he got cooking? Is he in the CIA, a pornstar, speak 9 languages, owns a helicopter?


When someone's official squat is 260 pounds higher than their deadlift, it usually means that they lift in one of those federations that allow 8 ply squat suits and squats that don't come close to parallel.


awesome lifts and shit, but i dont like awing and fantasysing over others achievement but would rather concentrate on mine.


Fuckin A


yeah, totally, that's why 2400+ totals are such an everyday occurrence. I mean, ANYONE could do that, I'm shocked it took this slacker so long, anyone with any real kind of gumption woulda had it done by 18

anyway ... what weight class was this?


i hear westside breeds pretty good lifters