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Dave.F's Muscle up for Fall Program

Ok This is August 1st and the start of my journey! I had my first workout yesderday! I spent most of the summer running in road races varying for 5K - half marathon’s and Its time to get back at the weights and train for some reall size I lifted all summer mostly to keep my strenth and little else! Im 22 just about 6’1" and right now Im at 170 pounds first thing in the morning I dont really test my bodyfat anymore but I can see my abs so idono sumwhere under 10 lets say for argument shake. Im going to be doing my own variation of a push/pull split with reps in the 6-8 range with 5 sets and 3 excersices per body part. My diet will be much cleaner than it has been over the summer where Ive had a more carb dominant diet because of my running.

I will not be counting calories but I will be eating in the ball park of 4000-4500 with at least 300 grams of protein! Well Lets get this bad boy under way shall we hope a few of you stick along for the ride. By the way that me in my Avator about 2 month ago im looking the same pretty much Im more interested in Gaining Weight and Gaining Strenth than I am Astethic appearance I’ll always be relativly lean so lets get it on!

Day 1 Chest/tricepts
Day 2 Back/ Bicepts
Day 3 Off with some sort of cardio for 30 minutes
Day 4 Soulders and Forearms
Day 5 Legs
Day 6 Off with some sort of Cardio of 30 minutes
Day 7 Reapeat

My 1 Rep Max are as follows (Im a little weaker now than I was in may)
Bench 190lb
Dead 310
Squat 225(Has really droped off since I’ve been running used to be 275)
Clean and Jerk 155----->/
Snatch 135 ----> Just started fooling around with these my form is not the best but they are fun lifts!

Day 1 Was yesterday Chest and Tricepts Heres what my workout looked like

Flat Bench 5X5 @ 165lb (not to bad at all just getting the feel of it)

Inclined bench 5X6 @ 155lb

Inclined Chest Fly’s 5X6 @ 30 lb’s in each hand

Skull Crushers 5X6 @ 50lb

Tricep Rope Pulldown’s 5X6 @ 42.5lb

Body Weight Dips 5X5

Felt like a good workout could have gone heavier but It was my first day on the program I’m really feeling my chest this morning tho! Diet yesterday was sloppy but I got my 5 meals in with plenty of protein! Workout took 55minutes.

Tonigh is Back and Bicepts!

Good Luck Dave with your training journey! I enjoy reading progress logs, it always helps to know what others are doing. Do you have specific weight you want to reach or are doing until winter w.e your weight may be?

Thanks Elusive I’ll be going Balls to the wall thats for sure I just had my second workout tonight back and bicepts! I hope to get to 200 by christmas! Right now Im 170 so I know its a long journey but it Must Start Somewhere! PS I saw your Video of you Deadlifting 525lb THATS SICK NICE WORK BRO!

Day 2 Back and Bicepts

Wide Grip Pull Ups 5X6 - Bodyweight

Lat Pull Downs 5X6 - 145lb

Bent Over Rows 5X6 - 150lb

Preacher Curls 5X6 - 65lb

Strait barbell Curls 5X6 - 65lb

Hammer Grip Bicep Curls 5X8 - 20lb each hand

*(I do my deadlifts on Leg days)

This took me 1hour and 10 minutes I could have gone much heavier but Im getting back in stride with my technique! I hammer curled 35’s on my last set no problem and did 95 with the strait bar for 4 reps!

I ate perfect today 6 meals around 4000 cals so far and a pre bed snack to come!

Hows the eating going? You said it went perfect, what type of foods are you eating lot of (chicken or beef ect)? Im always curious to see what others are eating.

Well In the moring im eating 4-5 whole eggs with a cup of Oatmeal then snack is 2 tuna/salmon sandwiches, then lunch normally 6-8 oz sirloin stake with a couple potato’s the post workout shake of 50g’s of whey, 50g’s of maltodextrine, Supper is normally 2-3 chicken breasts with some steames vedgies then Pre bed is 1 cup of cottage cheese with whey and peanut butter! I also use ALOT of fish oil throughout the day!

Cool, you mix it up well. I tend to be very repetitive, but variety is very nice.

I cant stick with a diet if its the same day in day out! Thats why I hate cutting What are you eating these days mostly chicked and rice?

Day 3

Today was a rest day but I went for a 30 minute run outside! I ran about 5 miles! Im felling really stiff today both my back/bi’s and my chest/tri’s, so the rest day is much needed! I’m eating well so far today I’d say I’l hit 4000 again no problem! Just cooking my supper now 2 chicken leg’s with 1 cup of brown rice and steamed vegies! Tommorow is shoulder and forearms not the most exciting day but it’s got to be done!

Im mostly eating chicken, oats and potatoes with LOTS of junk in between. Pizza, ice cream, cookies ect. Not really a good thing, but its not hurting my goals of getting stronger. Im curious to see your shoulder/forearm routine. I’ve never trained my forearms directly, but I definitly should.