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Dave Draper

Hey, did anyone see the E! True Story on Dave Draper this weekend? He’s always been one of my four inspirations for working out (the others being arnold, steve reeves, and Bruce lee). I know in an old issue of T-mag his site is mentioned. All I can say is that he still looks incredible for a 59 yearold dude, even after all he’s been through. As a side note, did anyone see the bodybuilding thing on TLC? Having not bothered to look at a roided out mag for the last couple of years, watching this disgusted me. Comparing Dave Draper and Arnold’s build to these atrocities, it’s easy to see why I don’t read these mags anymore. Arnold, at his best was 237lbs. These guys are 5’11 and 285? 50lbs of that must be bloated internal organs. It was just nasty watching Flex Wheeler almost blow his back on the deadlift he was doing. Ok, I’m done.

I saw the thing on TLC and found Flex and the other guys quite impressive. The reason they are bigger is because of technology advances. They are today’s equivalent to the roided out arnold of 20 years ago. They just have access to newer drugs and training methods. Anyways we all have our own opinions but as i watched that show i was thoroughly impressed by the dedication and discipline that it takes to look the way those guys did.

It saddens me to think that all the classic Draper pics of him hoisting girls on his shoulder and whatnot were taken when he was being paid nil and spiraling down the route. What a nice guy - just glad that his life enjoyed the turnaround that it did.

I also caught the TLC special and got a laugh out of Flex’s DL frm and how much his gut bulged from his belt - just pure nasty. Later in the afternoon I overheard two jocks at the gym discussing his twice-a-day cardio regimen, unaware that this was part of his PRE-contest training. They spoke as if they were going to bump up their cardio as a result. Dumbasses. Plus, why the hell does he drive an hour at night just to do cardio?? I’ll never get the rituals of some hardcore competitive BBers…it’s like Coan said in his interview, the dirt makes them crazy.

Well, you are right that we are entitled to our own opinions, as I would definitly not say flex was impressive, in terms of inspiring me to work out. I never said he wasn’t dedicated, as any top pro, drugs or not, has to be. But access to new technologies and training philosophies? I don’t think so, as his training is nothing new, even stupid (I believe he did 3 cardio sessions a day). Nor would I say Arnold was roided out. Yes he used steroids, but from what I understand, not to excess.

Two things happened from watching the TLC show yesterday. One, I was reminded that it takes a whole lot of hard work to get a great physique - more than I’ve been giving lately, and two, my husband decided he’s going to shoot for getting as large as his genetics alow rather than shooting for 230 or so at 6’4. We both were inspired and impressed, even though neither of us want to compete (and I sure as hell don’t wanna look like most the women on there, even the fitness competitiors). Today both of us feel we’ve raised our level of requirements on ourselves at notch. I can’t help it, I love this stuff, and seeing other “strange” people like me who eat all the time and love the gym is an awesome thing. I felt a kinship with these people though I’ve never met them.

That was pretty hysterical about Flex’s cardio. That reminds me of Vince Gironda’s refusal to have cardio equipment inside his gym. His point was if you want to ride a bike, go outside.

It’s funny that Flex and the other BBers talk about cardio. I remember meeting Ronnie Coleman and Vicki Gates at a youth rally in Oklahoma and although Vicki didn’t look as bad as she did on TLC, it still was outlandish. She looked decent enough to get this old man slapped by his wife for looking at her behind when she bent over a table to sign autographs.

Ronnie couldn't walk 30 feet without breathing hard, and he was giving a speech on goal achievement to the little kids. But he was big. Not my ideal physique but he was big.

I enjoy Dave’s weekly e-zine available from his website . .as well as his “irononline” . .a softer disussion group if you will. Dave’s style of training is pretty much the ab work of Paul Chek as a warm up and then GVT 2001 . .free styling but staying within parameters of time/ reps/ cadence. I feel EVERY workout. His book BROTHER IRON/ SISTER STEEL is excellent reading !
As for the TLC thing. I hate the bloated whales of today . .yeah, yeah they’re very strong and intense . .but the previous post was right . .they’re out of breath in seconds and walking cespool of endocrine decrement . .not my cup of tea.
Loved in the days of Arnold and Vince- you could tell who’s who by their silhoueete . .and a 32 inch midsection was max
To a retro movement . .my two cents

I didn’t see the show on TLC, but I did see a biography of Charles Atlas (aka Angelino Siciliano) on the History channel. He had a very impressive physique for someone who just did isometric exercises. At the same time, I felt better about my physique because I felt like I look almost as good as someone who got voted as having the best body for his era. Shoot, my calves are the same size (15") as Atlas’, and mine are more cut.

Hyok, Charles Atlas may have advocated only isometrics as part of his Dynamic Tension program, but make no mistake about it, he lifted. He actually admitted this in court (he was sued by Weider, if I’m not mistaken), although he claimed that he only lifted weights “occasionally”, to “test” his strength. “Occasionally” meant a twice weekly “testing” regimen. In any event, I really like that the ads still run in comics today virtually unchanged from when they debuted. Kind of sets you off on a nostalgia trip.

Thanks for the additional info. The show did not mention Atlas’ admission. According to the program, he was accused by some other fitness guru of that era–can’t recall the name–of false advertising. The issue was the claim that the Atlas program will change you to a new man in 7 days. The government investigation agreed that if the program was followed, there are noticeable result in 7 days, therefore Atlas was cleared of the charges.

Pro bodybuilders should be in freak show contests instead of contests for who has the best body. These guys bodies look terrible. I do not understand the motivation for the industry to go for the big and freaky when judging. I think that the normal person has a much different (and better) idea of what a great body looks like, and the contest for the best body should cater to that idea and not the whacked out idea the judges have now.