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Dave Draper, What the Heck?


Amazing pics........






last one...


How old is he? He looks in his 50's, which leads me to think he's on the juice. With vascularity like that, at an age like that (if I'm guessing correctly) it seems to be like he has to be on it.

If not, thats impressive as hell. Ehh, its impressive either way.


He's awesome aint he?


They don't call him the Blonde Bomber for nothing.


He is in his 50's. And yes either way it is impressive.


You would be amazed what you can accomplish naturally with weight training, cardio, and a high protein diet.

I dont know if he is on or not, but I dont really care.

I read his book and he seems to never to miss a work out and is extremely disciplined in his eating habits.

Last 2 meals of the day everyday are tuna from can, cottage cheese and water.

I think this has more to do with him looking like this than drugs.


Guys got veins on veins!


Dave admitted to roid use back in the day, but if you read the writings on his website, I'd bet money this dude is clean and has been for a long time.

That, my friends, is the product of a lifetime spent busting ass in the gym and having your diet on point for a LIFETIME.

Fuck "buff referee" Ed Hochuli, this old-timer is the real deal. I want to look half that good when I'm 60.

BTW, I think the Blonde Bomber is pushing 60. He's older than Ahnuld by a couple of years, I think.


I think he is 64.


I'll take the physique but hold the veins. Damn I bet crack whores look at him and are jealous. Hell he could inject at 50 different points and still hit a big ass vein.


Chekc his interview with John Koening, it's pretty impressive and eye-opening



Thanks for the link. I just read and enjoyed T-Nation interview!


No, he's 63. That's from the man himself, in an email I received yesterday.

Natural for a long time too.


dave is one of my greatest inspiration, his writing always makes me wanna go and lift the world...the love and dedication he has for this game is just amazing....


I'm shooting for his level of vascularity. He comes across as a well spoken man with alot of wisdom to share.


One word can sum up this guy...WOW!!!!

I can't believe how tore up this guy is...damn! And scientists say you can't gain new mucsles when you are past 50...guess they've never met Dave!


Not that it takes away anything from what he is but I read that he's on hormone replacement therapy.